Posted by: the queen | May 21, 2009

see, my mother who was brought up in the middle ages is whanging on about it being night and so on. Well, what did she prefer, going out at maghrib? that is ridiculous.

but I am not going to fight it if she is insistent. because I still need to go to Tioman and right now Tioman is my priority.

Damn I’m sleepy. well at any rate I konw what I’m going to wear and it don’t need ironing so ok baju-wise. And speaking of which I am such a doozy. Like the first thing you think is “whatamigoingtowear” and which shoe to wear, etc. And yesterday I was worrying about how to fit all my beauty stuff when we go Tioman, cos it’s A LOT. my sister just bising at me saying I have too many stuff clogging up the toilet shelf and to throw stuff away. can’t help it I have 4 shampoos in one go – oh well. anyway now i use conditioner it’s not so impt to alternate between sebamed and klorane so i can safely throw the almost empty sebamed one.

the head and shoulders personally i thought we could use it to wash the toilet really


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