Posted by: the queen | May 21, 2009

title for kailing


that’s good cos i find him cuter. sorry that eyeliner thing it not my cup of tea.

anyway, i was just mentioning to kailing about reeza tunang-ing, then saying oh kakak dia famous…then i suddenly thought of ashri (because i was half thinking of telling her that bp got quite the no. of malay stars) then i teringat that he had that rebound (my assumption) thing, then i wondered….WHAT THE HELL IS IT THAT GUYS SEE IN ME.

as in, i not pretty…i not say i ugly k. i mean i not like the arab2 pretty (and i really geram sometimes because it’s like useless!!! mcm, gezek je orang arab abeh tak lawah hahahah) i not like…i dunoe, I’m not outstandingly nice yang akan pergi feed orphans or feed dogs or what….whatever it is people feed…i don’t volunteer. i very kasar, very loud, i say silly things and basically piss off people left and right….i don’t dress well, i don’t use makeup, i don’t have like sense or style like fadiah or maly, I have crap skin… while i think i am quite damn funny, I actually think that my humour is hard to understand, and only people close to me find me funny. i try to make other people laugh they just go Huh?

i am not really that intelligent or what, i am just very average. i mean, i write like normal person lah. i’m no irma. that kinda thing. no i am not down here trying to get an ego boost, i like who I am, i like being average, other wise it is very stressful, but seriously – I am just wondering why is it that SOME PEOPLE say they cannot get over it. me. what is it you cannot get over? my infectious laugh? do i even have one? i mean, it can’t be my smile. cos i don’t smile a lot. my glare? my scolding? my nagging? my stare? my stoned face?

i will never know.

maybe….I don’t want to know, also. or i’m better off not knowing. well i can just speculate. i guess i am unique in the sense that i am unfriendly. maybe that is it. that’s the only thing i can think of. as in, most people will go round and try to be friends with everybody? or at least…macam make the attempt or what lah. i can blow people off without batting an eyelid. maybe that is what he cannot get over. i mean, that’s what people notice about me – that i don’t notice people, hahahaa…more like ignore people….that i very bad tempered masam and never smile. deffos not your typical sweet simpering girl. i am quite the er.

wah. that is still quite freaky-deaky.


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