Posted by: the queen | May 21, 2009


waiting for my rice to cool. am actually planning to go out drinking with hana millah and viknes because I haven’t seen them for yonks and I wanna know what they’ve been doing for the past 6 years, but it is raining so hard! I was caught in the thunderstorm and had to borrow a brolly from the tutees. Whoa some gale. Anyway I think mutti is like IT IS RAINING and mutti is the kind of person who thinks that going out in the rain in suicide. you would have thought that living in Singapore would have accustomed her to thunderstorms…it should be thunderstorming more often.

Anyway. Yes! to explain the existence of this blog…I initially was trying to set up a Geenicks style blog as a holiday project. But DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO DO??? it’s like, you have to remember what happened roughly what time and it’s like oh tedious. So after 1 post, I gave up!!!! But I loved the header I made – actually wordpress made – it’s of my apartment in Fukuoka and I am filled with love gazing at it. I mean, not to say anything against the current header of my then-current blog, which I LOVE, but this one is like, SO PERSONAL. And I loveeees it. And therefore I thought aieee such a waste not to use this beautiful blog. And also, ever since Buyo moved to wordpress I’ve been impressed with wordpress’s organization. So I decided yeah! Ok, I’ll move…and anyway, waaay too many people know my old blog. Especially family. Impressionable youngsters whom I don’t want to impressionate.

But I still need mah account for the muslimgirls community and I still like to read my eljay friends’ blogs so I will probably link up over here. Also, I”ve become increasingly uncomfortable using eljay because I know when I spam everyone’s flists are spammed so it’s so much more harder to spam at a place like eljay. Here I can update 65 times in an hour and I wouldn’t feel so bad, so yeah.

Ok. I’m hungry. I think my rice should be sufficiently cool. Even if I don’t go drinking on account of the storm I will still eat because I am starrrving


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