Posted by: the queen | May 22, 2009

it’s kinda ironic…I think for a while maybe Ah Mei and I, especially in the beginning, were probably a bit jealous of each other because we wondering who was closer to pogs, and who pogs liked better. I think ahmei especially was jealous that pogs always sends me stuff, rather than her. but then we’ve slowly developed our own friendship and in fact, we found out that both of us have similar issues and probs with pogs that we can share and we’re now really close, so close, in fact, that I always go whining to her about everything – it helps that she’s very accessible – and she comes to me as well. In fact, I’d probably say I am getting much closer to her than I am to pogs.

ironic isn’t it? but oh well, doesn’t matter – I love them all.

hahahaa…and it shows, because we talk like each other now.


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