Posted by: the queen | May 22, 2009

A steel skeleton, neon jelly

A voice that travels in sleepless nights

I close my eyes, the world widens

Ah, I see. That’s…


….then I GAVE UP. I thought of translating GUG’s Twilight because I liked the The two of us, let’s make a promise, we”ll carry our own maps, part. Then I realised, that’s about all I understood. At one point of time he was singing about ears of rice and I”m going like whut?

sheeeeeeeeesh. I can never get literature in another language. was he being poetic or idiotic? we will never know.

but well it’s a nice song and it’s steadily gaining popularity. GuG is becoming more popular I think. It was so unheard of the first time I heard them (16?) that there was only one obsolete site that had its lyrics, probably some diehard fan. I heard it on teh radioblog or radionet thingie that I used to listen to a lot last time. I’ve forgotten the site name, oh dear.


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