Posted by: the queen | May 22, 2009

some announcements

you know  I’m only having a title for Kailing

anyway, I am now 44.4 kg and apparently I have shrunk 159.5

😦 It’s harder to say you’re 1.6 now as you slowly slip further and further away from there

I have apparently lost so much of my appetite that I dropped almost 2 kg. Don’t you go thinking that I have been stressed about certain things and not been eating, because if the food is good I still eat biasa…but I don’t know why these days I lose appetite. Oh, I know why, it’s my mother’s cooking, I’m sick of it. Because now I am at home I eat my mother’s food most of the time. And she is not not known for innovation because my father is not known for innovation. So even if I’m starving, when the day’s takings is boring as heck I will eat really, really little, just to keep me alive. Because o/w my mom bising obviously. So that has been going on for so long (oh especially since my DAD is at home now he is the one that gets to decide the menu more often because last time he will decide only the malam menu and I got to eat whatever I like for lunch, so I ate a lot,  cos my mom usually cooks what I want for lunch as I am the only one there, but now since he is eating lunch I have to follow his crap tastes as well.)

We have been eating asam pedas every Sunday for about five years now. I don’t even LIKE that thing. The smell makes me faint.

Oh and I CAN FINALLY SLEEP! Since maybe…last Friday? I have been having problems sleeping but I think yesterday or 2 nights ago night I could sleep properly already Alhamdulillah in fact I’m quite out like a light.

I even dreamt that I got A for my thesis and failed Bio (19/100). Must go solat. Isn’t it unfair you don’t get to fail anything????? Lots of people flunk but still stay in school to graduate ON TIME. IN OTHER COUNTRIES. But no of course in a crap education system  – tertiary education system – no actually the whole system IS rubbish – that does not happen, no. I wait for the day you all suffer from this, wahahahaah I have no desire to help this country out of any rut. It is a liar and a mockery and a sham of a country.


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