Posted by: the queen | May 23, 2009

Despite myself I am quite surprised as to how cheerful and humourous I am despite all the things that have happened in the last 2 weeks. I cannot explain it. I mean, although I ponder stuff occasionally, like in the loos, I just cannot stop thinking amusing things to myself and being amusing to people around me in general. Well what can I say. It must be some kind of inborn talent.

Or maybe I just love being very superficial. I am happy to wake up every morning and do my whole 30-40 mins in the shower grooming myself, and then cleaning my room and updating my blog and so on. Primping yourself can be fun. But I draw the line at makeup. I find it just a tad too fake for myself. Like I said, I want the world to love me for who I am, because I like who I am. I don’t want to have another face that I don’t really have. I have zits, let the world see it. Besides, I know that if I paint over them, I’ll make it worse.

If my skin is going to look nice, it will only be because it IS nice. Is my rationale. No makeup will grace this skin until after I get married and if I don’t, I suppose never…unless I get to become a flight attendant with Emirates then I really need to start learning how to do it hahahahah


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