Posted by: the queen | May 24, 2009

lazy to clean my room because…i’m not about to clean my room when my sister is sitting there using the com. i hate the fact that the com is in MY room. GET IT OUT. anyway, wordpress kinda sucks when it comes to loading times. it takes forever for the words to show.

I remember why I get tired simming in the HUGE hallyday house. Sure, the house is pretty and all…but if you’re trying to play to keep people’s needs up I’ll tell you it’s impossible. WHY DO ALL SIMS PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS WITH TEH BABY!?!?! it drives me nuts. they’ll starve, piss themselves, practically kill themselves just to fuss over the damn baby and in all the hullaballoo nothing gets done and the baby almost nearly dies. trying to keep 8 sims off 1 baby is very tiring work, so tiring that I give up….January was like, already can bangun already but i let her sleep because I was just so tired handling so many sims. they are such arsepits, the whole lot of them. I can’t wait for ts3 because I am very damn sick of TS2.


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