Posted by: the queen | May 24, 2009

this takes forever to show

my career options

1. standup – which I apparently suck at

2. tv show host, which I think i’d be pretty damn good at but i can’t get there without number 1

3. flight attendant. but i lack the looks

4. food critic or sth to do with food. again, how do YOU GET THESE JOBS. all you need is a bloody appetite. I think I’d do an awesome jalanjalan cari makan. It’s probably my frame that will put me off. no one wants to see someone eat so much but never get fat. on tv.

5. aunt agony. I think I do a pretty good job again. and i enjoy it. I take people’s problems seriously. I always wanted to be a social worker/counsellor in my younger days (sec. school). but now i just settle for listening to my friends and trying to be a, well, friend, giving them a balanced head of advice and so on.

I feel pretty good too when people say I’m full of win at it. but I think I’ve said some bad things at times when I’m not feeling my best. you just caught me at the wrong day. because these times I’m too tired to think things through carefully.

6. backup dancer

nah, i don’t really want to be, I just threw that in for geenicks but hey, I do like to do mad dancing

but of course, i have a REAL vision now. And I’m thinking of slowly working my ways towards it..I mean i’ve toyed with so many options. being a professor. lecturer, philosopher, writing books (i could do it on the side. I have lots of thoughts on, actually I don’t), freelancer of…I’m not quite surewhat. I dont’ want to be a translator that’s out. teacher of arabic in Japan, that was an option too, as I do like to teach. AND there’s that idea of opening my own store? I’ve always wanted to manage my own business.

I FINALLY managed to combine everything with all my passions – the Holy Land, going there, Arabic, foreign languages, running a business – into a dream that I am hell bent on pursuing until my dying breath. quite ironic to be cussing when you write about these things, but you know what it is about words, some vulgarities just cease to be.

i think it’ll take some time – forever – but I really, really have a real goal now. before I knew vaguely, oh, I was gonna settle over there, general da’wah work in general, but let’s face it I am not a out on the streets kinda person in any way. And this is really really…an amazing stroke of genius idea. Could have come only from up there. So yes. It probably helps a lot to have that kind of dream when you’re at this point of time, and I’m happy and grateful for it. Dreams are what make us, without them we are nothing, as I tell Maly (angsting over having needed to give up dreams for some lousy not-worthwhile person at some point in time). Don’t let go of dreams for anybody, that one I can tell you with certainty. if he’s not coming with you he’s not worth it.


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