Posted by: the queen | May 26, 2009

pretty packed day. i start off by being late for buyo. because the berkat spilled in my precious grey sembonia and I had to clean it up a bit.

then…hm. ran into shinohara-sensei, whom I will be teaching Malay to! so exciting!

Then, gave dr H. the book, then realised shit! I forgot to write a couple of things in it…when I was in the room I was like oh okay dah, can’t remember. now only then I remember, but oh well. …wait, I can’t remember again…

Then, Dr. Lim called me to go and get a book from her. She asked me to study it and see if it would be useful for my MA. I tell her that if I don’t get second upper I can’t do MA. then she give me this I wanna smack ur face look. BUT I CANNOT HELPPIT I NO MONEY

then, in the room, we were like having a talk-about-guys sesh, and now it’s like, the number of people who know about me sad story is climbing to 6. I realise i have like 2 besties from all categories of life. Real life, mar and nad. internet life, kailing and sy (aka MSN BFFS.) and then buyo, weiwei and phyllis. we tell each other everything it’s hard to keep stuff from each other.

nt hard to keep stuff from pogs or ash. but they’re my japan-bffs.

geh and i thought i didn’t have many friends! well …i don’t have that many casuals but i feel close to lots of people.

oh next.

then WEIHAN tore up the rice paper at the window pane thinking she want to replace, only to find that there is not enough rice paper left to replace. HAHAHAHAAHAH OMGGGG

then, um, i discovered the hokkaido food thing and am now desperately beseeching kailing to go.

oh, i fought with my dad about the trans fat butter. I considered going on hunger strike till he gets that butter out of the house, and out of my sight.i may still do it. i usually get waht i want.

if it’s not too unreasonable. i do have to resort to extreme methods tho’. gandhi for the win!

and then i fought with my mom. because i was feeling bitchy.


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