Posted by: the queen | May 26, 2009


i was only laughing my arse off the nerdy!Josh. and it’s like…JOSH. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS THE ONE STARRING IN ALL. THE. VIDEOS. we have had enough of you!!! go away!!!!! I WANT MATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

and matt gets like what 3 sad seconds? WHYYYYYYYY THE INJUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it’s ALWAYS like that. you formed the band with him!! mike has been there for like only 2 years and he gets a cameo, this is shit!

and I pick up a pointer. you want to look pretty just go for the dark shady eyes and eyeliner to make your eyes look big. whatta steal.

and just for the hell of it since MT videos always crack me up and this is a steal.


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