Posted by: the queen | May 27, 2009

today was quite action packed. got up to make curry puff, had to teach (and i spent the afternoon entertaining Haziq. that boy loves me too much) and i found out that fadlin might be taking another tuition. GOOD. maybe that one will get her around to doing her work. she really is always playing, if you ask me. playing with haziq, watching TV. tak pernah nak buat homework dia. I’m at my wits end already. fadlun i don’t think salvageable even with 50 more tuitions, but that’s up to her aunt. I’m good if they let me off the payroll. while i will miss my kids, if i do my MA I may be under a lot of pressure. And even more so if i don’t do my MA as it may mean..job. yes.


wow I really got quite fired up about doing MA…..or maybe it’s more of a kemalasan nak carik kerja

I saw a book about American Exceptionalism and the nerd that I am, I actually went to borrow it. For light reading. This is hte nerd and the geek that I have become. I read academic books for fun.

I’m interested in the whole THE WEST SUCKS thing. sorry. because I’m a proponent you see

oh, and my coveted turned-into-seoul-garden dinner with the msnbff#1. I am so full…which is hte reason why I am blogging instead of donig anything else despite not really feeling like blogging. i can’t do anything else already. anyway, i’m not bringing her there again! THE LACK OF SEAFOOD IS APPALLING.

korea’s not gonna be a good country for her.

anyway, i don’t have any more plans until tioman or so. i think. only self plans, like buying ts3 and the like. sigh.OH YA BARCA GAME. is dad waking up? i doubt. aiyah, i woudl have liked to watch that live…maybe mar is at pasir ris now. we hae 3 mangoes. I said to my mother let’s give her one. then i thought, aiyah, her family so damn big, cannot just give one.

oya. i found that vichy – which i had been planning ot buy – got SLS. so i didn’t buy. Then i had to decide between..galenic? which had something called disodium laureth sulfoccinate or what. eucerin which was about half its price had sodium MYRETH sulfate. so i went for cheaper. apparent the first is also supposed to be toxic. so is the second, but there are some “okays’ for the second. I am so sick of this, keeping my toiletry shelf SLS free (and i have A LOT OF TOILETRIES. IT’S A LOT OF WORK.)  but i have worked so hard, anyway, I will NOT ever use SLS ever in my life again. It’slike a personal vendetta or sth.

i think my wash has SLS tho’. dayum



  1. Lol. But I kind of liked the home-made style Korean food at Bukit Timah Plaza. Although it’s really just tofu (spicy) soup. I think I can survive with any cuisine that has a tofu (or egg) dish. For one meal at least.

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