Posted by: the queen | May 28, 2009

i forgot the mandatory YAY BARCA WON MAN U LOST

actually. I was wondering also who would I prefer to win. I hated that Barca made it to the finals almost in what I perceive to be an unfair match. Still, it turns that my sense of fairness is overshadowed by my hatred for MAN U. so YES. I AM QUITE HAPPY. COS I REALLY HATE CR.

srsly. just LOOKING at his face makes me wanna swear something ugly AND rip out whatever it is i’m seeing his face on. rip UP. it’s the muka patut disepak.

you still run like a chicken. i mean his runs are damn distinctive lah. stand out among the crowd for hte funny gait it is. and that’s like what…20 men running?


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