Posted by: the queen | May 30, 2009

This post caught my eye. Some fella who has turned from Christianity to a non-Christian. I don’t blame ’em. Anyway I like to discuss these things, so let me indulge myself.

  1. God is wrathful, jealous, hateful, and kills nations of people like it is a bodily function. He is certainly not just or “holy” in nature.

Eh, where did he get that?

Let’s face the ‘bare facts’ here. I was once doing my pol econ. class and I was doing the population crisis right? Estimated 1.5 billion people should be on this globe right now if we want to sustain the kind of life we have. And we have 6 billion. This is not the first time we’re facing a population overload. Centuries before, there were plenty of random smartasses- was it Malthus? he already predicted that we are going to be doomed. The famous population increases…you know, 1,2,4,8, algebraically? calculatively? whatever. And food increases 1,2,3,4. arithmetically? This earth cannot take that many people. I’m not nihilistic and I’m not saying that we should all die (although sometimes I do wish it when I”m on the morning rush hour) but if all those wars, those famines, those natural disasters hadn’t occured, I don’t think I’d be here right now. My grandfather would probably have died of poverty and starvation because there just simply wasn’t enough food.

Realise that you are here, only because some years ago, loads of people died to make way for you. Don’t be an idiot and wish that everyone can live happily like sheep in a commune. It doesn’t work that way. And besides, I didn’t know you created the earth or the system, if you believe there’s a system. Create a better one, then talk. Or make Mars livable, then talk.

(That’s why I try my best to forgive governments and crap presidents/prime ministers. Create a better government, then talk. I draw the line at NUS, that is just sheer stupidity on all fronts. They don’t deserve much forgivness.)

  1. The act of throwing people into infinite torture and punishment for not believing a Jewish guy from 2,000 years ago was God’s son, or unknowingly worshiping the wrong god, is extremely cruel and sadistic.

Eh, yeah. He’s not God’s son, you can’t blame them for not believin’. God has no son! If he had a son he would not be God. He would be the-one-who-has-son. ie Man. I am rather interested in this whole son thing, because the person who came up with it – not very good with logic is he? almost motoorianesque. the more farfetched it sounds the better!

But anyway, the thing goes like this for us. If you never received word about God, it’s fine. If you receive word but you don’t give a crap, then too bad. Make sense to me. Look, over here, ignorance of the law isn’t even permitted, okay? I can be persecuted for stealing EVEN if I didn’t know stealing was bad! (biz law~) And you call God unfair. Double standards much? He’s already given you the word. It’s like if the government told me that stealing was wrong but I still stole, don’t you think I deserve to be chucked in jail? or at least the loony bin. Humans are just not made to be fair. I’ve learnt that lesson many a time. (I still bitch about it.)

  1. The statements, “God works in mysterious ways,” or “It will all make sense in heaven,” are little more than irrational cop outs. This God allows horrible atrocities to be committed against innocent men, women and children every day.

Yeah. Make no pretense about it, the source of all good AND evil  and neutral and loony and whack is God, that is pretty clear for us les musulmanes. I can’t believe there would be religions who could say that only the Good comes from God, could still last. We have great powers of reasoning and logic don’t we? God has no need to make any pretenses. He’s God, take it or leave it. If you leave it, really, it doesn’t inconvenience Him in any way. It may inconvenience you though.

  1. Bloody animal and human sacrifices are illogical demands by a divine god as payment for petty wrong doings. These actions are no different than the rituals of archaic pagan religions. Not to mention the bizarre ritual of symbolically drinking human blood and eating human flesh.

wow, they have this in the bible? corruption much. that’s really sad tho’. WHAT bloody animal and human sacrifices anyway? you mean the whole original sin and the crucifix..ation..of the Prophet Jesus? Well, yeah, we don’t believe in that. He wasn’t sacrificed, he’s up there alive. He’s not died. He’s not God either. For us, God raised him before he was so-called killed, and replaced him with the guy who ratted on him whom I have forgotten the name. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t feel like killing someone who ratted on you and led you to be tortured and strung up on a huge crucifix. Well no, I’m not saying God or Jesus was vengeful, but just to put things into perspective over here.

  1. If God loves us and wants us to know and believe in him, why be so completely invisible? What is the purpose of being so illusive to those who believe and worship him?

Yah. I would so believe and worship someone who manifests himself as a ball of light/a face in a pillar (power rangers~~)/Johnny Depp. If you ask me, it makes less sense for God to manifest himself. Who the heck would believe He was God? He’s not there, already you don’t believe him. If someone or something told you it was God, look me in the eye and tell me you would not laugh in his/its face and walk off. You wouldn’t even believe God’s messengers.

Another way of looking at it is that that’s precisely the point. I don’t see much point if you have this…Morgan Freeman thing walking around, performing miracles and so on. Obviously everyone’d be a believer. Not much value or personal sacrifice or …faith involved, is there? It’s about believing in what you can’t explain physically with your 5 senses. That’s why it’s take it or leave it. Not just HERE YOU GO IN YOUR FACE MWAHAHAA. If you can make the leap of faith, against all that you can see touch or hear or taste, that takes great personal sacrifice against your human rationality. If you can’t, well okay, fine, if you don’t want to. It’s not God’s loss. It never is.

  1. God never manifests himself or performs miracles as he regularly did for the Israelites in Old Testament stories.

I can testify that He did. Watch Oprah will you? Even Oprah will testify. So will Ellen. And all the billions of people they cover in their sob stories. What do you want, God to raise people from the dead in front of you? This is not Scary Movie 4, if you please.

  1. Prayers are never answered. Certainly not in the way Jesus described. Prayer has absolutely no affect on the world around us.

Again. Muslims go to bed praying because they know that if God wants, He can pull life out from us and we will never wake up. When we wake up, we are grateful that He has answered our prayers to continue living. Don’t take your life for granted. It’s not yours.

Same with your legs. And everything else. Your intelligence. Your jobs. The food on your table. Look, what are the odds that a healthy, exercising 21 year old could get a slipped disc? What are the odds that a ten-resource thesis could get an A? Or someone who never studied for O levels get 10 distinctions? I prayed like mad. My parents prayed like mad. My friends we pray for each other all the time. And you know what? There was this woman in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 who was crying and wailing because her house and her family or something got killed and she was wailing for God to destroy America. That would be a good few years back then.

Hello, economic crisis. Hello Hurricane Katrina, and whatever else that you guys have been suffering. God listened to you, random woman on TV. And the billions of others in Iraq and wherever else who prayed for American downfall. They are no longer that ‘great nation’. Only they think they are. To the rest of us? They’re just simply human. Nobody will take your crap anymore, US of A. Barack or no Barack. And Obama, I think he knows it too.

  1. Jesus did not fulfill major Old Testament prophesies or even fulfill his own promises and predictions.

I figure not. Random old people wrote that thing anyway. You’ll know that priests admit the Bible is written by man. Common fact. They don’t pretend it’s Word of God. Which makes me wonder why they expect so much of it. Sheesh. I’d be crapped if anybody expected so much of what I wrote.

  1. The authors of much of the Bible are unknown. And of these unknown authors, the men who wrote the gospels likely never even met Jesus considering they were written 40-70 years after his death. A far cry from reliable testimony.

Yep. We know.

  1. The Bible is repeatedly contradictory with itself, reality, and the laws of morality. Couldn’t God inspire a less poorly written book?

Also we know. Which is why we aren’t allowed to believe in this version of the Bible. or this version of the Torah. Let me set it in stone that all Muslims are required to believe in all the holy scripts – the Bible. Torah, Abrahamic scripts – just not the version of today, because as the Qur’an says, they’re not the original no more having been corrupted by random old men.

  1. The Bible is open to interpretation. Everyone interprets it in the way that suits them best or serves their purposes.

Yep. Common theological principle in Islam and why there is a very detailed hermeneutical (interpretive) tradition in Islam. Oh btw, that was my thesis subject. Hermeneutics.

  1. Throughout history, Christians have justified horrific actions by the Bible and its teaching.

Yeah. Stop going by it. Bush.

  1. The Bible promotes hate and persecution against women, homosexuals and those who worship other gods or no god at all.

Thankfully I am not of a religion that persecutes me. A friend was telling me that she was living in a modern day Afghanistan because she was being forced to stay with her current boyfriend. I told her, nah, you’re not. It’s wrong to force anybody anything in Islam, and that kind of image given out in Afghanistan is just what certain people would have you believe about Islam. The Prophet Muhammad has sometimes been called by some academics as the first feminist, for upholding women’s rights in a way unthinkable to Christians and Jews of his day. Sad how media has turned hte tables around. Remember this children: media is not fact. It is what some one who wrote it, would like you to believe, as fact. It goes for almost everything you read really. media students would agree with me.

  1. According to the Bible, nearly 70% percent of the people in the world will burn in hell because they don’t believe Jesus was the son of God.

If that is the case, why do you keep on bugging us to convert? haven’t gotten the 30% yet?

  1. The only reason I was a Christian was because I was indoctrinated into the religion as a child as a result of the culture and region of the world in which I was born.

Well, guess you aren’t really meant to be a Christian. Look, being born or not into a religion doesn’t really matter if you ask me. Plenty of people are born into a particular religion and they end up not being in that religion eventually anyway. like you. it’s like, this is a non-point. If you’re gonna be a believer, you’ll be, if you’re born into it or not. don’t blame it just cos you were born into it, to make it a reason to hate it. I”m born with female bits and was socially and culturally whatnot indoctrinated as a girl. ya see me changing sex? or denouncing my femaleness? my point is, why is this even a point? if you want to be a Christian because of your reflective mind or its pull, then, go lah. like someone said, go and think about things and seek an answer. don’t pooh pooh that you were born into it and make it like “ohh it’s cos I really didn’t use my brain so it’s like, not a good choice or way to be.” dude. we don’t even really use our brains taht much. less than 2%.

  1. Christianity has no more rational or factual foundation than any other religion on earth that I openly reject.

Listen, go be a scientologist. I’m surprised at this guy really, he’s as contradictory as the bible or so he accuses. He said that he doesn’t think that the human mind can be capable of understanding everything. Well, then, why’r eyou looking for factual or rational foundation for this?

Dude. A mass of bloody cells became me. The constants H, P, G, or wahtever else we have, can only be that precise number. the mango I am forced to eat came from a hard shelled thing. Gen Bio. We have about a billion places in the universe, and the only one habitable is this one. The Big Bang. WAter cycle. Why are we not blue blobs floating around? That’s all I need. Oh, and I got a slipped disc at a very young age, an age so young that I am requested by NTUC to prove that I wasn’t predisposed to this old-age malfunction. No one else can take away these legs but God.

  1. The Christian church is disjointed and can’t even agree with one another.

now he’s just being unfair. come on, church is run by humans. Gimme a something that agrees with one another.

  1. Christians are not at all ethically or morally different from non-Christians.

ya. I don’t think really that Christians in general believe so, you know. how’d he get any other conclusion from being a christian? I’ve loads of Christian friends and they are very nice people. what kind of sect or denomination is HE from? scary one.

  1. Today, powerful church leaders steal, lie and molest young children. The church repeatedly attempts to cover up these atrocities, only to reluctantly apologize as a last resort.

ohhh come on, that’s not fair. they’re just human they are not God or anybody special. i’mnot saying what they did was right, but to reject a whole system because of a random people who couldn’t keep themselves in check, just seems really, really …..shallow. no other word, but you couldn’t have felt that deeply about your beliefs in the first place if you consider this to be a valid reason. like that we’d all have dropped being muslims like hot potatoes and we have even more reason to. We’re all terrorists, after all, and we basically killed millions of people and lalalalala. Some priests molest boys and already you’re turnign your back.

  1. It is absolutely irrational to continue to believe archaic teaching with the amount of knowledge we’ve gained through science and technology. The Bible reads like a book of primitive folklore, not divinely inspired insight into our true reason for existence.

Yay for the fact that scientists use the Qur’an to study. do they use the bible? I’m guessing not. since it makes not much sense. I couldn’t sift through my books of exegesis and tell you the science bits, but the Prophet through the revelations of Qur’an knew lots of things that were confirmed centuries or so later. which is why the Muslim civilisation at its peak was the father of scientific/medical/astronomical lalala theories. there’s a big bang one that’s only just been confirmed is it? That the universe was created in a very short space of time. not over a loooooooong period of time. and the number of planets thing. what else? the length of pregnancy thing, enzymes in your hand, some more what? the difference in female and male brain…there’s the other numerical coincidences but those are too many to recount and some people have argued that it’s just over analysis. the science and medicine models are more convincing if you ask me.

most scientists believe. makes sense because we go through life trudging around taking everything around us for granted and can’t really see the wonder in life.


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