Posted by: the queen | May 31, 2009

every morning, I wake up thinking today is the day I will get around to continue to clean my room, and every night I go to bed and it looks worse.

Yes, my room is still the rubbish dumping ground.

Anyway. Froze my brain watching TSL. Been watching a lot of TV/Youtube, I am counting down to the day of the Next Big Event: TS3~~~~~ It keeps saying out in stores 2nd, but the site says 3rd. I’ll be really disappointed if it’s not out on the 2nd, but that’s okay. It’s a busy week. Tuesday I have my Malay lesson, and tuition, and actually tomorrow I am supposed to fast but I’m not sure if my mother heard me and I was too busy watching TSL to remind her. Oh well. Maybe I could use it as a good day to clean my room as I will be occupied the rest of the week. Wednesday loads of things to do, going out with BFF#2, get her diving suit get the travel vouchers get that gym pass whatever. Oh and probably a good time to go shopping. Thursday I have tuition as does Tuesday. Either days I could get TS3 and still wouldn’t really have a nice free day to play. I’ll explore it slowly by night.

Friday I am supposed to have the BFF#1 over. I think we shall toodle off for lunch at Pastamania. I have this craving for pasta. *shrug* And then I have to bring CPG to the old house. Okay, I’ll admit it. I spent Saturday trying to arrange things and it was a. LONG. story. That will drive anybody (especially me) to tears. But I’m glad it finally worked out.

Figurative tears. I did want to swear something ugly though. Lucky I did not blog immediately following that incident as I had no access to a computer.

I could have used my phone but lately it screws up on me. Especially when I try to do anything that requires the internet with it.

Anyway against my better ….opinion I felt really bad to chuck him into the deep end no matter how much I wanted to tear his head off. (And fine, he has a point. Had. I don’t want to come off being all-haughty but….ARGH NEVER MIND. I’m telling you, well-wishers aka BFF#2, we don’t really get along. Or we do, only he doesn’t know that on the other end I’m swearing and cussing and figuratively throwing things around. A lot of effort and energy expended. I’ve decided to be gay and that’s it. In fact, on the subject, I have a new target. She’s moving back to Japan in a few months but we’ll work something out. She’s single, I”m single, I think it could be a happy ending. *wink* She’s very damn cute too. Oh and on that subject, I can’t date my girlfriend this Friday. I really ought to dump her. I’m just dragging it. I don’t want to go out on a night so close to The Escapade. I have to stay in my parents’ good books. Very. Good books.)

And I’m drinking hot steaming Milo on this very hot steaming night. I just felt like it, and well, I was going to put ice in it but I thought it would be too much effort and my mom’s voice keeps saying I ought not drink cold drinks near to my period. WELL FINE, MOTHER. I’M NOT.


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