Posted by: the queen | June 1, 2009


today, i bought:

1. My Junkisui serum, because I had this horrible big red blemish on my cheek that only junkisui can cure, and I…don’t want to have a blemish on friday. SO I AM VAIN. SO KILL ME. $38.

2. SKII. I was getting bored and my sister was looking at bags forever and …i’ve been wanting to get it as a yay me treat for getting yay results. $51 (starter kit.) and my rash/pimples are DRIVING ME NUTS I WANT TO CRY WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR. no amount of tomatoes are getting rid of it!!!! i mean, come on. I eat fruit and vegs and drink fruit juice, I rarely take caffeine or oil or wahtever it is, I dont eat ice cream or junk food and chocolate THIS CALLS FOR DESPERATE MEASURES.

Sides, it’s a starter kit only.

3. Three tops. 1 was 10 bucks, a long sleeved t-shirt that says revolucion. it looks like a nightie actually but I need more long t-shirts that covers my bum for tuition purposes when I don’t feel like wearing any of my nicer clothes. and most of my t-shirts are kinda shortish, riding up my bum. no. 2 is a cottony dressy short sleeved white t-shirt which had such soft, cool material. 26 bucks. no 3 was this my sister insisted was ugly and she had me convinced at some point. then i tried it on and…i can’t help it. it had a slimming effect. I love everything that has a slimming effect. it’s this dark blue and black gloomy thing that I thought looked awesome for gloomy days. I don’t have nearly enough gloomy day outfits. i like to match my mood. $15.

SO TOTAL. 51+38+26+10+15 = 140.


Byebye my spa in tioman. T_T


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