Posted by: the queen | June 6, 2009

wow. i guess i’m luckier, very much more,t han i thought. a LOT of people have problems with TS3 and even then some of them are those who shouldn’t technically be having problems. but yeah, well, you could look at it as my comp is pretty brand new, clean, meets max requirements, i’ve only used about 1-2Gig of my HDD, i’ve got a RAM twice the normal size for vista (and that normal is the good normal, not the lying penipu punye 1.0 gig ram that some people still sell and some idiots still buy) and my processor is one of the fastest for laptops, probably losing only to mac and even outstripping normal desktops. my graphics is also the upgraded kind for laptops (before this generation of laptops, most laptops use crap graphics card, but they decided to build laptops with the new GMA series now, to allow for better quality) and is the latest in the entire series, one up from minimum requirement.

miraculously also, no probs with the freebies except that i did have to attempt quite a number of times but then got it eventaully (even with some incoming connections from EA games blocked, due to the tight security that is vista)

only i didn’t know i was supposed to get a carabiner but i think that is only for preorders. it’s a while stocks last or sth…i think.

i like my thumb drive anyway. i’e not much use for a carabiner too. not like the carabiner is like, special. it’s just green. big deal.

anyway. i’ve been wanting to post pictures but i can’t be bothered. but i’ve been having a nice enough time. altho’ the longer you play the more you notice the annoying things like BATHING TAKES FOREVER or maybe it’s because she’s a perfecitonist BUT NAH ALL OF HTEM TAKE FOREVER TO BATHE. sleeping also takes forever. it’s so boring now bcause there’s only so many times you go out and cruise around the neighbourhood. i’ve even taken to listening to music, cleaning my room etc while they are doing those things.

but i’ll never go back to ts2. it was just waaaaaay to laggy, andi can’t live with a system where only the house ages and everyone else freezes. i love it that everyone ages together. some guy i was trying ot hit on, then gave up, suddenly he’s now old hahahahh thank god i did not pursue thatone.

i accidentally whizzed past toddlerhood. but that’s ok. righ tnow my main aim is to buy this awesome seaside beach house. small but comfy.

i may do a TS3 DoOs but right now i have so many things to do i am actualy too stressed to do it.

ok. must go wash clothes now.



  1. I read somewhere there is a function where you can fast forward until the current action is completed???

  2. can, but EVEN THEN IT IS SLOW

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