Posted by: the queen | June 7, 2009

Some blatantly ignorant human being called Tommy DeSeno who is apparently popular enough due to his misinformed writing needs to know this:

If you are reading this, Mr. DeSeno, with regards to your comments about Obama being a Dhimmi (Zimmi) president, by inflating Muslims and diminishing Christianity, let it be said one thing. Several things, in fact.

Firstly, asking the non-Muslims to pay taxes has nothing to do with making them a lower status. They pay taxes because every human being must pay taxes to be given for the poor and the needy. Muslims already pay zakat, our name for it, every year at least once. It is a pillar of the religion. Since we cannot force non-Muslims to pay zakat because obviously you are not Muslims, you pay that tax instead. But of course, since you have no idea of compulsory charity, your tiny little mind is not able to grasp this idea. Not that you even bothered to check what it means. No, you just go ahead and slander every one – true character of Western media that we have all learnt to know and hate. And you call US suspicious of YOU?

Secondly, as you rightly pointed out, Indonesia has been a Muslim-majority country. Probably since independence. Which is why Obama calls it that. Turkey, on the other hand, has not. Obama is respecting the fact that many people, including Turks and non-Turks, consider Turkey a Muslim country because it has been a Muslim country for centuries, you know, one of those countries who asked non-Muslims to pay the Dhimmi/Zimmi tax. Before it was called Turkey that is. The secularism of Turkey is so recent that I remember it – because we were all surprised that Turkey would change its status to that, but the point being is that since I remember the moment it happened, which means to say I would not have been a child at that time, it means it is PRETTY DAMN RECENT. As I am only 23 years old.

There are plenty of DFs out there. Oh well maybe one day he may get knocked down by an ice cream van we can only hope. Some people you pray for and other people you pray they will go to


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