Posted by: the queen | June 11, 2009

hooked on MLTR’s That’s Why after we heard it in the restaurant that time.

anyway. so yeah. new phases of life have begun for some people. Congrats to Kailing for being a working woman. Sorry, I can’t snap out of the habit of putting your name together although I know that it’s separated. I still can’t believe that we are good buddies sometimes, given how we barely spoke when we were classmates. Neither of us could tell we were going to be friends in 7 years.

I’m not going to say much about my trip. But I had great fun even with all the hijinks which was kinda funny yes, but I’m still not ready to laugh at it yet. More like I would like to hit my head sometimes. But I won’t.

Anyway, there’s a lot of things I need to do and so therefore life resumes. In a more hectic manner as I attempt to bring my students’ work up to par. Sigh. I’m not very good at this either, I am lapsing into laziness. I am so lazy that I don’t even feel like playing games. I just want to stare into space and do nothing.

Which is why I enjoyed the spa so much. I don’t care what my cousin says. I think I liked the separate pondok idea A LOT. That if I ever find something similar in Singapore I will join. Really. I liked thinking that I had the whole hut to myself. I’d go back to the place JUST for the spa. serious. braving the hours of ferry and bus ride.

I wonder if berjaya redang have? oh yes, have! okay! I know where I’m going to psycho people to go next. if my parents will let me. or maybe in 10 years when I am too old for them to care. but then again I think they’ll care even if I’m 50 or 100.

In that sense I can’t wait to hit 30. I think by then they’d have given up on me, right?

My mother out of the randomest blue – or maybe not so random – asked me about ridhwan. WHAT THE? (he is by the way, the famous ex, for the one who does not know the name.) I think it was because she was asking about nadiah and I was saying that her boyfriend picked her up. so my mother (who actually remembers his name – my mother has a thing for my friends’ names that even I myself do not remember) suddenly asked kawan kau yang ridhwan (excuse me? kawan aku?) tu dah pergi Arab?

…sejak bile dia nak gi arab?

was my reply. and why ask? what an idiotic question to ask. what, you think i keep tabs on him? surprisingly it is the other way round. i really don’t give a flying rat’s piss.

hahahahaha. flying rat’s piss. That is pretty funny to imagine.

ANYWAY! big dates to look forward to: study trip next week to TW and possibly treetop trail with cousin. i say possibly because i think the malas bug has entered her.

but i don’t have much time really anyway for these things. I am packed with daily tuition and malay lesson prep takes A LOT. but it’s fun. I love Chika-sensei – i canNOT just call her Chika I find it weird so I have taken to calling her Chika-sensei. which is a bit funny but she said call me Chika and I didn’t want to seem stupid and stubborn. or deaf.

Sigh. I miss tioman and the beautiful scenery and the ambience and the music of nature and all that bajonk. down here it’s only the bus and cars and occasional motor. oh, and my fan. i miss the monkeys in my backyard. here, i have no backyard.

and the nice and friendly people and the vegetarian sharks. HAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG. i did have quite a bit of fun.

I am a mother hen. I have a mother hen complex. I can’t help it. I felt like the entire thing was my fault/responsibility. Which it was. somewhat. since it was my great idea. and besides i ahve that whole everything-is-my-fault complex running since forever. But it’s only because I can handle stress and failure well . *thumbsup* if i couldn’t, i’d be buried by now. or at least in the loony bin.

eh my camera kan betul2 boring ah. the tioman pics were veyr nice but the buyo pics are awlays shit. hahahaha. maybe it doesn’t like buyo. i can understand.

sigh. i still dind’t get round to painting. never mind, i’ll put up the contact thing first tmorrow.

where can i find myself a nice lesbian? like myself? i should marry myself.


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