Posted by: the queen | June 12, 2009

so i was strolling back from tuition, wondering (as I oft do) if I will run into he-who-has-recently-gotten-a-tuition-assignment-because-of-yours-truly. Saw this fella strolling on the opposite side of the road, and it did look vaguely like him, but I thought nah, must be some apek.


I half considered trying to catch him up. But the thought was rather nerve racking and anyway, I think I’m gay. Sides, he has longer legs than I do and walks superfast. oh, so I suppose he must have had to slow down by  A LOT if we’re walking together. fine. I WALK SLOW AND I’M PROUD OF IT. or, maybe he saw me and was trying to avoid me. well, 10/10 for that.

but anyway, while I suppose I get nervous around him, it’s still an unrealistic thing. i’d probably ditch him after about a year. too boring and no sense of style. i’m sorry i know i am not a fashionista. but I prefer my fella to be wearing converses or flip flops. i don’t think just anybody could take me on, really, given that I am almost certified insane and ridiculous, although lovable and unique.


okay, cutting the crap, I think I”m going to try to seriously (try) embarking on a legacy of my own. only….i can’t figure me a nice surname. HALP. I’m gonna name the founder Chandler or Quinn. Yes, girls. I thought of making a selfsim and seeing what she gets up to as well.


I’ll do that tonight. I miss simming. I haven’t simmed the entire week. I’m kinda sick of my current family after they arrested my teenage daughter so I’ll start over. I think I”ll modify riverview as it’s bigger, add a beach somehow, if I can, and play inside there. There’s a good looking fella i’ve just installed there called Dell. maybe I could get together with him. Or i could be a lezzo. yeah.

oh, I think I’m gay cos when I found out that my current love interest has a boyfriend, my insides plummeted. oh well. onwards with the search for a nice lezzo. i wish my sister would gtfo. i really wanna change clothes over here. i hate that the computer is in my room. i would chuck it out myself except that my stuff occupies half the computer table.


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