Posted by: the queen | June 13, 2009

these grey pants

when worn with my heels, look smart,

when worn with flipflops, look like pajamas


went to the library after tuition and had already gotten some books, only to realise i had not brought my card or any kind of card i could use to borrow them with. i’ve not used my library card for years ever since it has disappeared, fyi.

so I went again tonight before dinner and lo and behold there is an awesomely cute guy prowling the shelves. or at least, from what my perpetual vision or peripheral..ya peripheral…vision could see. i never look at guys. no really. unless by mistake. or he is so good looking that my jaw drops and i drool. (and that has happened before. not the droooling part. but probably the stare and forget that I am actually staring. hahahaa. goodness. that is how good looking some people can be. you just forget that you are there. standing like the gaping loon you are agog as two gogs.)

and he had a LOT of cologne on. goodness. look, people, you don’t have to drench yourself in cologne. just use deodorant. you’ll sweat, but you won’t stink. oh, you have to shave as well… i missed that part out.

oh anyway. found this excellent book about a phd student who got dumped on v-day and was getting over it. looks like an interesting read, and is so far quite entertaining. it is written in my style- short snappy, no draggy or flowery descriptions. so far. although well there are some pinches of description here and there but ok, stomachable so far. nah i wanted to read da vinci code but as it’s al loaned out i was determined to borrow some brainless book i could read that is not a children’s/teen lit. erma bombeck, they don’t have any more. idiots. she is one of my favourite writers.

i don’t like serious books. look, i read magazines when i’m stressed. CLEO, to be precise. so kill me. why read serious books? life is serious enough. i don’t need to ponder derrida when I”m destressing. he’s a piss.

is he still alive?

went to look at washing machines and was tryingto pyscho my parents to get the diamond drum ones.

and fought with my mother again over NOT buying a proton car, oh please. YOU DONT DRIVE, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE FEAR OF A PROTON CAR.

debating whether to go to the tupperware party. i want to get my eye cream and i don’t want my aunt to accidentaly tell my mom about the eye creami ordered or my mom will go ballistic. hey, i’m just kind of sensitive to aging. as i am going to die most probably alone unless they loosen adoption laws I have been somehow trying to not speed up the aging process. Anyway, fine lines under your eyes at 23 is not natural.

i probably need to stop staring at the damn computer is all, but hey, i have stuff to do. like upload pictures of my legacy. which is going crappily by the way. hm. sleepy again. my body clock is back! i’m kinda liking it. good good. I can go and get ready for bed and snuggle up with my books. oh wait. there’s the whipped potato to eat. hmmm. yeah. i’ll eat that for a bit and read a bit of the book.


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