Posted by: the queen | June 14, 2009


i feel so bad formy cousins. she was pleading me to go to the tupperware party, but as much as I would love to humour her (I had to type that back in brit spelling. to humour ME)

1. I really pledged this weekend to myself. I’ve been out every single day this week because i have to teach and everything and tioman. And I’m the kind of person who loves to sit in her room and must do so, or else she will go crazy. for one. whole. day. i treasure my me-time a lot and I find it important to myself that I have one day that I don’t go out ANYWHERE. otherwise i feel overwhelmed and can’t handle the stuff that comes the rest of the week.

2. I love my cousins, but they are a decade younger than me and I don’t feel all too comfortable hanging out with a bunch of strangers. At a tupperware party. even if there is pizza and chocolate to be had. because i’m not that huge a fan of either. give me sashimi, salmon, and maybe i may be there.

i may even pay.

3. I really, really want to get going on my legacy and I planned it to be today to work on it. so there you go.


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