Posted by: the queen | June 18, 2009


been awol simming my life away. i’ve gone to gen 3 and i haven’t updated past gen 1.1. but OMGGGG THERE IS MUCH DRAMA AND FUNNY ok not funny more like frustration coming up. if i actually get around to doing any more posts because…i dunoe, i’ve just been having LOADS of fun simming. not THAT much fun hahaha laugh your eyes out but i think I’m falling in love with Wade and I want him to have a nice life (and he’s not havnig a nice life, unfortunately.) ugh!

so yes i have been neglecting basically pretty much everything else in my life trying to get things moving forward here. but I think maybe i’ll try to concentrate on putting up posts instead of simming since I’ve sort of reached a major milestone that I ‘ve been trying to aim for since gen 1.

I made an important discovery. I realised that it’s very rare that you like someone for who they are. And I finally figured out for myself what it is. It’s when you take the characteristics of that person and you put them in another (better looking, maybe) person, and you realise that you still wouldn’t like the second transplanted person simply because the person isn’t the first person. If that makes sense. And I can think of loads of people who I’d like to transplant their characteristics and put them in another person, so I suppose those are the people whom I didn’t really like for themselves, well maybe not wholly, I suppose.

Sigh. tomorrow’s a full day of tuition and I’m supposed to have made these fraction cards for fadlun but I haven’t started. And there’s this cool book to read. boohoohoo. oh well.

Anyway, I finally managed to finish naming all my four kids.

Adik – Hairudy (was actually Khairudy but I had to change it to match everyone else.

Baby – Haida (she was the first to actually get any proper name)

Miffy – Hairah (last one to get a name because she, well, she’s Miffy)

Hairi the winnie the pooh bear, second to get a name, the only one not to have any nickname whatsoever.

My mom is going all WHY ARE YOU GIVING THEM NAMES NOW IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO REMEMBER and i’m like you should try using your brain once in a while to make sure it doesn’t rot. well, in nicer words, of course.

Then I renamed Bobo Kirana. Which is a beautiful name in my book, altho’ reminiscent of piranha. It means Beautiful in Malay. I can’t remember the origin language tho’, I should check it out. I’m gonna name my kid either Haida or Kirana, depending on the mood. girls, that is. Guys I may name Khairizal. I know I’m going for glamour names over here rather than meaningful names but, hey, I’ll tell you that it’s pretty damned boring having a name like mine. I am not much like my namesake (Guardian I am not, neither a good memorizer – except for really rubbish things, like everyone’s past boyfriends) so I’d like to give my kids a nice SHORT name that they can write with pride and think “oh, my mom is cool.” except for whoever gets named Kirana. They’re gonna call her Kirana the Piranha.

You can call her Ana.

actually I can be a good memorizer, if I wanted to. I used to memorize stuff five mins before class for tests. of course, none of it sticks.

anyway, i just bid goodbye to the MSNBFF#1 but i wanted to say this: the reason I never really asked you about your job yet was because I was going to ask you about it this saturday. it’s like saving it….geddit?? geddit?!?! HAHAHAHA ok i’m insane.

i’ll make me a nice refreshing milo. ice. 😀

suddenly feeling quite cheerful. I think I still probably am crushing on he-who-must-not-be-named, aka Voldemort. I’m actually planning what i should wear tmr. but relax, i’m just going to wear my revolucion tshirt. I’m NOT wearing like really nice clothes, because seriously I’m not gunning to wow him with my fashoin sense (again, I discovered that there is a sort of a warning point in liking someone: when you think that you could only be bother to look nice just for that someone and you only care about compliments from that person. which is really actually quite neurotically insane and scary. i need therapy! Or a nice lesbian.) but i just need to make sure i’m not wearing something that looks like i got out of bed in (like the gray pants the other day). just in case i run into him and it’s unavoidable. if it’s avoidable. i will most probably try to avoid it. because my mind is not fit to converse with voldemort. i dunoe why it invariably seizes up and goes off into a world of its own.

People notice that (note plura) i NEVER SAY BYE on the phone. this, I must go around asking some more. I am so intrigued by myself. I don’t know when I started doing this, but….I think it was because I used to be forced to ans the phone all the time(and it was usually not for me) and always i’d have to go ” ‘lo.” “is your mother there” and grumpily without saying Yes or hold on i just yell MAAAAAAAA and scamper off. so that is probably (my theory) i get this dismissive attitude about phone calls from.

oh, I nicked one of my mom’s catalogue brochures thing.

Me: Ma, I’m taking this.

Ma: Oh, you wanna buy?

Me: no I wanna cut my hair like her

My mom signed up for some Tupperware catalogue shit and she has this awfully bright idea to sell it to my mates aka her favourite person in the world, you, maryam, so don’t pick up any calls from my house. if you want to be safe. I’ve been trying to talk her out of it, in my defense.


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