Posted by: the queen | June 19, 2009

totally relistening to brian mcknight’s back at one. I LOOOOVE his voice. it’s absolutely awesome and touching. he’s probably my favourite black singer, I should say. I mean there are loads others who are awesome (beyonce probably takes the cake for favourite female vocals, and she seems like a nice person if you can look past all the outfits. oh, i should have named my latest baby beyonce because her mom looks like her. reminds me of.) but I like his husky quality which is really unique. it’s not that husky is unique in black (actually, it kinda is rare so far as I know, but i don’t listen to a lot of black artists) but i just like HIS husky quality.I can suss out brian mcknight in a jiffy, his voice is just very soothing to me. the kind of person i may consider going to see live, because of his excellent voice. but probably still wouldn’t.

i’m starting to find a way to coexist with my friends, even the attached ones. I used to feel that probably when my friends got attached i would lose them (and to some extent it is true, of course) but i’m thinking hey, this might work. anyway, i still have my single friends to cling onto in case i lose them all. *latchesontomsnbff#1* if they all get attached then i will just head on to orphanage or sth.


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