Posted by: the queen | June 19, 2009


well nah. my tunes.

I started listening to noisy shit when I was in Sec 3 under the influence of some random people. I still remember it. Rizal was so kind to lend me Blink 182’s phenomenal album Enema of the State which remains, for me, my favourite album. Yes. of All Time. Simply because I liked almost every song on that one. And that, I can tell you, is a huge accomplishment.

Blink 182 imho got into mainstream due to…


Which is not a very good live, but their jabbering at the back of the song did my nut in. The original is about much more slower, Tom did not go that off, but here I think the quality of the guitar is a lot clearer. But well, famous song anyway this was. Had people singing it for years, and covered by countless people…including the so-called queen of punk/emo/whatever Avril herself. Who married – ok, i’m starting to sound like Wikipedia.

I”m sorry. I am not a fan of Avril. I have never been. I do like her husband’s stuff tho’. Songs, I mean.

This was also a huge hit although probably the profanity and stuff didn’t make it as radio-friendly as the first.

 well, yes he screwed that one up but OKAY GIMME LOTSA APPLAUSE IF I PLAY IT RIGHT OK SHUTUPNOW was HILARIOUS. JUST. SO. HILARIOUS.the first time I heard this one I was doing my nut in laughing like two rats pissing. at the lyrics, anyway. But I adore the guitar solo, I liked it a lot.HAY I’M GAY

SAME SONG. why? I dunoe. I screwed up the links sometime.

I have a feeling that All the small things is NOT the first blink 182 song I ever knew in my life. I think this was it.

The first song on the enema of the state album, undeniably. I think it was what had me. It was just awesome. I listened to that album SO. MANY. TIMES. that I have the tracklist memorized. Couldn’t find a live that could do justice to the song so I put this up instead. It’s still a live just…just the sound.

The next one, Don’t leave me, again had me laughing my arse off at hte lyrics. altho’ it wasn’t that great altogether.

Aliens Exist was okay2 but I found it rather morbid and not nearly catchy enough.

tracks 4 and 5 i think are all the small things and what’s my age.

6 is probably the anthem or adam’s song. no actually i think it was man overboard, adam’s song was much later. so was the anthem. was the last song or sth?

But I’ll put in adam’s song first – an awesome suicidal song if ever there was one.

oh, i had such a crush on tom, I did. But his speaking voice (which I’ve only heard in searching for those lives) is kinda annoying. In fact, it sounds liek a certain someone I’d really not think about, which makes me wonder if he has a future in singing punk. hahahahaha

This song I still had on my playlist recently.

hahaha tribute to TLC was it?

I liked their anthems ok, especially guitar parts. the lyrics are just well, fodder. I’ve actually never listened to the part 2, just the one on the enema album. they’re not that great and too hard to find.

After enema – hey this is turning into a blink post, but I did largely listen to them before I found ellegarden because they were really foulmouthed – was the take off my pants and jacket album which did pretty ok. it had first date and rock show on it. they’re nice enough songs on it, but for some weird reason they don’t have the same kick the enema of the state songs had on them.

oh, how could I forget this! one of my favourite songs. Man overboard!!!!!!

man overboard


the video freaked me out (still does) but that is one heck of a song. it’s like genius! wasn’t really a huge mainstream hit tho’. more like a cult hit.

Okay that’s way too many songs. imma stop.


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