Posted by: the queen | June 25, 2009

every time i read a lament about America’s woes, I can’t help but remember the woman in Fahrenheit 911 who screamed God destory America! The Iraqi one. I can’t imagine the billions of Muslims who prayed that, both who watched AND did not watch Fahrenheit. I don’t eschew praying for demise and eventually we’ll get it back to us , as if you pray something bad for other people, if it really does happen you actually are responsible for whatever problems they leave behind as a result of that thign happening (like for eg if you pray I wish XXXwould die and he really did you’d be held responsible for his family or whaever that he left behind) but at the same time, only a saint in the highest regard could watch Fahrenheit, watch Americansoldiers bulldoze Iraq down and say that they were totally seeing it like a game, shooting things from a tank and listenig to death metal while doing it, and not pray for American’t destruction. unconsciously (i’m not proud of it and I know there’re a lot of Muslims in America) I prayed for their destruction too. I didn’t even realise it until I saw the woman screaming in tears and I was already in tears by that time and I realised, ohmygod that is what I was thinking in my mind myself.

And it becomes harder and harder to feel sympathy for G W B. I tried my best, God knows I tried, but my advisor one of hte nicest men on earth hates him enough to use the f word describing him and I suddenly can really, really understand why. he may have been a puppet. or not. but sometimes I think, if i really see him in front of him and there was a rifle in front of me, god knows what I would do.

As for the Iran thing? Seriously if you’re going to kill yourselves and kill the country do it fast. Youguys are a pain in the ass, the whole lot. we can build a new country from the ashes or maybe give it to a starving african nation or something. if you guys don’t treasure life enough to go banging about dignity or civil rights then seriously, i ain’t surprised you’re all dead. make sense to me. I mean, in here at least we’re more or less safe-ish, kinda have jobs, healthcare education blablabla, so if we’re banging about civil rights at least we’r ein a position to do that. you’re a bleeding third world country. act like one and stop wasting time and becoming fodder for your enemies cos even if you may not have any in the first place, you sure have plenty now.


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