Posted by: the queen | June 26, 2009

scuse me why did cik norma invite me to a bbq and ask me to bring fadhil along, because I really don’t want to imagine that she invited him and asked him to bring me along.

That’s just a neurotic nightmare. My life has been quite…pleasant, actually, i’m going shopping tmr and SHOPPING IS MY LIFE

I’d open a shopping blog, but it’s been done so much. takes too much effort anyway. I can’t even finish my mansion.

I was wiki=ing and surfing (srsly my hobby would be reading the Wiki) and I found out

1. Oh, so I wasn’t imagining it, Jermain J. is a Muslim

2. Michael J. converted? Wau!

3. What the Superbowl event was about ( I heard of it on the radio back then but I’d not idea of the scale)

4. The autobiography of La Toya that I read was probably not very truthful (damn! I took it to be the literal history of the Jacksons!)

5. la toya had a crap life that I couldn’t even begin to imagine

6. Janet is…she and Beyonce should trade up secrets instead of bitching at each other.

7. J. and B. bitched and Solange, B’s sister, kept it up

8. I mean, J and B are kinda similar in terms of personality when they’r ebeing interviewed (fine so I only watch Ellen to know this) but it’s like htey havethat sweet thang going on, srsly. I mean, Beyonce doesn’t cuss. THAT BLEW ME AWAY. always, there’s someone better than you. but they have the other side going on when it comes to their music and shit.


i’m still ..up. i planned to get ready for bed 2 hours ago but I got sidetracked…by waht I can’t rem anymore. I dunoe. once again I don’t feel liek sleeping because I don’t like lying awake feelnig bored. yesterday, I talked about myself to myself just to bore myself. wasn’t working given that I am sobloody brilliant.

sigh. I kinda should look forward to tmr, but I feel like I want to stay home and build my house. But yeah, I need to get shoes or have permanent blisters, and I need to get conditioner and a lot of other things. WHEN THE HELL IS MY PAY COMING

too depressing ot even count the days.

ok fine i’ll go


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