Posted by: the queen | June 27, 2009


I turned organic at some point of time in my life. So I switched to replacing my running-out stuff (body lotion and conditioner) with stuff from bud cosmetics. i liked the owner a lot, he was really nice, the kind of guy you’d warm up to in a jiffy.

the body lotion I went with sante (saved seven dollars from my usual 25.60 japanese cherry blossom from bodyshop, but i could have gotten THAT at half price but let’s not think about it) cos I just needed somethign simple to condition my pits before I shave as i shave everyday and I need to take optimal care or i’d have no more pit skin, and  conditioner i went with john masters as my hair is normal hair, not particularly damaged (virgin!), mabe a bit on the dry side but not to the ponit of brittle and easy breakage ( i can break my hair if i yank hard enough but I still don’t consider my hair a mess. maybe i’m a bad judge. but hey it smelt good) , $30.90.

the hair reconstructor one REALLY stinks. I think when i hvet he moneyi will ask the owner for advice for my mom. i think she should go organic too because i think the usage of chemicals over the years is part of hte problem, coupled with thyroid. i mean it’d be great if she was willing to do it but knowing her she’ll hate me for making her use stink shampoo.

i mean i’d hate me too.

after which I came across the sale racks at tommy hilfiger and chanced upon a shirt that covers my bum. as i’ve made the mistake of trying on a shirt, thinking it covers my bum, going home and finding that it doesn’t (ananas), i was ecstatic. except for the beautiful (even if after sale) price of 119.90.

oh, i just explained to kailing why i bought it.

Hafizah says:

eh but one of hte reasons why i don’t have shirt is because i wear stuff below my ass

Hafizah says:

it has to be long enoguh to cover my ass

Hafizah says:

so you’ll understand why i have almost zero shirts in my wardrobe

Hafizah says:

most of theos office shirts are short

Hafizah says:

about halfway down your ass

Hafizah says:

so when I saw that it was longer than normal

Hafizah says:

about 3 inches

Hafizah says:

i was like wai

Hafizah says:

i think what pushed me to get it was because it’s so hard to find

Hafizah says:

if it’s at the original price i dont’ think i’d have gotten it tho’

Hafizah says:

cos it’s like my wardrobe is mostly i’ll wear the short sleeve dresses and the tshirt inside right. i cannot wear that for commencement



so ya. it was not translucent (again, very hard to find it shirts) not that scratchy rough hot material (ananas shirt) not messy /hot (tie around waist shirt) and it was very excellent for interviews. I can wear it for formal events like the staff meetings and everything. cos i have no outfit for that as i liek to wear the tshirt+dress style.

i don’t have a top that has a cufflike-style to come out from the gown, unless you want me to wea teh super short mistake ananas or the very rumpled looking tie-waist shirt whcih will look horrible once i take off hte gown. so that also drove me to buying that shirt.

and even if its’ not cufflike, no top of mine has sleeves that look ok coming out from the gown. i’ve never worked before therefore, never bought stuff for this kind of occasion before, explaining my wardrobe problems.


i went home and tried it on again. Andwhile I was taking a long time (still am) getting over the fact that I have crossed the horrible 3digit on a piece of clothing line, ih ave to admit i’m not regretting the shirt one bit. it’s simple, classy, long, not transparent. why can’t all shirts be like this!

and by shirts I meean office. not the semishirt tops. i bought the ananas shirt for interviews and it was short, but if i had really had one I’d have had to wear it anyway as it was the only one i have.

anyway yah. am exhausted as i have experienced my first full 5 day teaching schedule. i’m sick of builidng my mansion so i’m taking a break (just left 2 rooms to furnish but running out of ideas) i’ll be having a 5 day teaching shcedule until at least MA starts where it will then be dependent on my timetable.

anyway, a good thing (forgive me for yapping about the hilfiger but i’m just trying to cope here) about the hilfiger is that it’s inspiring me to be a better person becausei feel so damn guilty that I am trying my utmost to be a nice, sweet daughter. if i feel lesser than nice and sweet i think “you bought a shirt you don’t really deserve nor with your own money, so suck it up” and then chill.

i still need to buy a whole truckload of items as i’m running out of my SKII. on the bright side bud is probably the same price as my SKII. you can totally see the difference between me and kailing. i’m like spend now later pay back. you can see the pampered life i have led since gaining an atm card. sigh. but yeah. off limits to clothes now, i’m not allowing myself to window shop. only buy the things on my list. no more pick me up retail therapy as there’s nothing bad happening anyway. and even if there is i’ll pickmeup with ts3.





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