Posted by: the queen | June 27, 2009

bin witnesssing a lot of accidents.

there are a lot of bangs and knocks, those loud ones, in this place. but somehow I’ve always managed to distinguish between the accidents and the bangs and knocks ofhte construction site over there. i guess hte sound of the screeching of brakes and the contact of metal with metal is something you kind of instinctively know.

just now i heard burning rubber skidding. i wasjust about to wrap my towel around myself i think, to do my night time ritual, and since hte window was 2 steps away it meant i saw the motorcycle falling. actually, when i got to the window, i saw a motorcycle veering too close to the kerb, its turning angle was too low, and a LOT of sparks were flying from the friction. it was like a mini fireworks display onthe ground. i’ve never seen sparks from friction before in real life and now that image is forever etched in my memory.

but i’m very touched how singaporeans, altho’ as crass as they may be in other areas, are extremely quick when it comes to helping people in accidents. man down, the car behind immediately stops, the second car follows suit once it drives past and sees what’s happened. people will come to mediate. i dunoe but it’s like a driver’s code. it’ll neve rbe in the movies where people will just stare and you lay dying in a pool of blood in the center. it’s our instinct to help people who have a vehicular accident. but other than that, i’m not sure. i’ve been in2 accidents, witnessed 3 happening (the third is also in one of the accidents I was in. yes, I didn’t witness one of hte accidents that happened. i was looking the other direction, so sue me.) and every single time, prompt passerby help comes. it’s the one thing that makes me feel like good about this country (and there’s not a lot of things thar.)


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