Posted by: the queen | June 28, 2009

i decided to give my new conditioner a go yesterday. I like my charles worthington because of hte smell, it’s really quite fragrant in a pleasant way. the first time I used it and the few following times my hair felt a lot softer. nowadays, it feels soft okay, but by the time its night time (and this is important to me because I need to plaster my hair back away from my face) i find it harder to keep my hair from sticking out and into my face and it also feels like kind of…stretchy and tight. maybe even dry. the long term effect of using it daily, apparently, isn’t very good.

So I won’t be using it anymore, though I will try to finish this bottle. I’m thinknig of just keeping it on hand in case i finish up the John masters one and don’t have the time to nip down to novena square to resupply. because you don’t want to buy a lot of bottles, you want fresh stock and they restock often because they don’t keep large stock, or so the owner said.

so far, the peppermint and rosemary is okay. more or less same effect as the charles worthington, but I prefer it because the texture of my hair feels finer (my hair is not COARSE but it’s not fine.), it’s WAY easier to rinse (byebye 30-45 minute showers!) out – the smell of your hair being peppermint needs getting used to, but it’s not altogether unpleasant. we’ll have to see how longterm usage does though.

I’m still squeezing the last vestiges from my bodyshop sakura thing. I’m the kind of person will use until rinse out with water and its really empty, just like I finish all my food as far as possible. especially rice. grains of rice I cannot leave behind. i was brought up like that. nor can I bear to see other people leave them behind. my mom is always saying that if you leave it behind you could be leaving the grains that have berkat. oh, sparks will fly if she ever sees maryam eat.

I’m a total spendthrift asshole when it comes to things to tog myself into, but I’m a very stingy person when it comes to techie stuff. I am lazy to buy phone/camera until it is truly buried and dead. same with mp3 player. until it refuses to turn on anymore I will use it. which is why my camera is a five megapixel until now and probably will be for a few more years until it refuses to turn itself on. my sister is about 65 times stingier so she’s not buying any new camera soon.

my phone is also ugly and old fashioned but as it still lives I feel reluctant to part with it. the only time I bought myself a phone when my phone was still somewhat usable was when I used my first salary @298. to date I’ve only had 1. the 8250 in JC which I eventually exchanged with my sis for 6610 2. the sony ericsson i think, my mom’s phone, when my 6610 got stolen 3. that motorola phone that cost $298 and i used until its inability to shut down properly drove me crazy 4. my dad without asking me forced the slim phone that I have now upon me. 4 phones. my sister has had more phones than me – and it’s not that she’s a tech geek or whatever but I dunoe, she seems to have bad luck in buying phones that bungle her up. but sometimes they’re still usable and I personally think (and convey to her in unreserved scathingness) that she buy phone for what? still can use what. i don’t do it to my mother because my mother is a very thrifty person beyond thrifty and I think she deserves to splurge once in a while and pretty phones keep her happy. she’s had the same bag for maybe abotu 10 years.

my sister on the other hand while thrifty, sometimes in a fit of insanity buys the ugliest things that if she weren’t my sister, i wouldn’ tbe caught dead walking next to her. but as i’m nice I keep it to myself, but release my frustration with my mother, asking why she has no sense of style. i shouldn’t be speaking seeing as I’ve no style myself at a certain point in my life. But you have to draw a line at some of her clothes, man!

And let it be noted that in recent years, she rifles through her wardrobe more than I do hers. I used to do hers because I really, literally had no clothes (at one point of time i only owned 2 tops. and that was a very long point of time. oh, and 2 pairs of pants.) but after I got over being lazy to buy clothes for myself (hard to believe, but before being unceremoniously dropped like a hot egg I hated to shop and my mother had to drag me to buy clothes as my sister was annoyed that I only had hers to wear) I never rifle through her stuff anymore.

oh, I have to eat.

oh and she keeps nicking my bags too. she nicks everything of mine. my products, my clothes, my bag. but i nick her food. 😀 it’s always good to have siblings to nick stuff from. oh and i mooch money and free meals at nice places. even when she wasn’t working she was generous to her little sister who takes stuff and never puts it back.


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