Posted by: the queen | June 29, 2009

already feeling the pinch with malay lessons restarting. i guess it was a good thing that when i was teaching 4X i didn’t have malay. now I reduce to 3x. maybe it’ll be …nah, who am I kidding? I will be half dead as I was last week.

once again, the rush of writing notes the night before…looking for interesting resources and videos…hahahahaa.

horrible! how to do MA like this??

fell asleep simming again.

went to hospital to see nenek. I just am not very talkative with the dad’s side. i wanted to say “nenek nanti dah balik nak amek gambar” but it won’t come out.

the other day nadiah and me went out, while waiting for asar we did tarannum. whatever it is that when you read qur’an take turns. it was fun, I’m going to try to make it a point from now on. it was quite funny because at first I was at surah al-anfal and she was liek apasal yang itu? amek yang uncomplicated sikit ah. i’m like what surah? she say maryam. so we were flipping and then she paused and theni looked at her page and i went “itu yusuf.” “oh.” “adik maryam.”

until now it amuses me!

but we found maryam eventually. apa yang uncomplicated???? first line aje dah complicated gila! hahahah! al-anfal lagi senang seh. nak uncomplicated baca juz amma sudah eh…tapie juz amma takde challenge since we all dah hafal almost all of it anyway. except for the last few superlong ones like al-balad and so on.

anyway i was busy tabulating the stuff i needed to get from bud in order to see whether i can keep within this month’s pay. the extra that is coming from fadlin’s extra lessons aku dah pledge to something else so takleh pakai, leaving me with 260. 260 – 120 – 50 = 90.

if i buy moisturizer and mask and cleanser it comes up to 27+34+38 = 99!!!!!!! tak cukup!!!!

so conclusion, i shall just pakai my old masih berlambak shokubutsu. so it is 27+34= 61. because toner lagi aku tgh run out abeh takde toner backup!!!!!

i haven’t compiled list of toners that i can buy. penat ah list die panjang. I went for the most cheap and nampak macam paling sesuai. that orings 123 dollar one gi mampos sudah.

and i still need to beli kasot. mampos!

aku nak try carik lagi ah kat TM, mana tau ade yagn lebih murah.


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