Posted by: the queen | June 29, 2009


bin trynig to make my skII moisturizer last as I have no spare. threw away my last time one away cos it contained some crap ingredient yang nampak macam nampak sah tak halal. not even the kind you boleh tutup satu mata.

trying ot make it last until sat when i am going to shop again but ugh at this rate i may have to really actually nick my sister’s hazeline snow. skali dia pun dah nak habis eh. ah then itu betol X_X

now i have so much on my face i need to wait a bit for it to dry before i put eye cream. sheesh!

oh and woot i found a replacement for my pitera thingie – rose hip oil!!! it supposedly repairs acne scars so i’m going to give it a go – it’s the scars i’m aiming for. altho’ i have so many scars i’ll probably finsih one bottle after one night because the bottle is tiny because it’s pure. good! 72 bucks also. roughly same cost as SKII. i think the serum for SKII was around 60-70. eh tapie kan SKII nye bende lain mahal jugak tau. i think omst of hte stuff was like above 50. not a lot of them was below 50. even in my attempt to be organic i managed to korek stuff costing less. maybe around bodyshop range of pricing. woot! a bit more ah, bodyshop is actually okay2. in the berbelasbelas to the 20-30 at the most.



  1. Supposedly, you’re suppose to do the eye cream first before moisturiser because if you do moisturiser first, there’ll be leftover moisturiser on your fingers when you dab at your eye area and moisturiser and eye area are not perfect match in heaven. (Woo, long sentence.)

    • oooooh. i wash my hands afterwards. i see i see. i shall do it eye cream first then. oh it’s because my cousin told me for wrinkles you should put a lot of moisturizer. so before i used eye cream, i just put a lot of moisturizer under my eye. the SKII moisturizer says it’s ok with eye area, only the toner isn’t. i’ve so many shit to put on my face i’m not quite sure if i’m actually doing it correctly wahahah

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