Posted by: the queen | June 29, 2009

day two

day two of using john masters’ rosemary and peppermint: THUMBS UP!!!

I keep running my fingers through my hair hahaahaha. granted because i wear a hair band strands do the static thing, but it is still soft and silky to the touch, yet not the scarily extrafine texture of rebonded hair, but silky with volume.

then again my hair doesn’t suffer volume problems.

the pulled back section also feels smooth, not hard and dry like the charles worthington’s after effects of long term usage. it is still relatively easy to rinse out even though today i put out a liberal amount.

the only down point is that: you reallky need to get used to your hair semlling like peppermint and not some perfumey floraly fragrance and 2. the bottle is very keras so you want to squeeze out the shampoo you’ll be using a lot of muscles thar.

i actually loko forward to conditioning my hair now! i used to hate to get into the shower to condition because it takes forever to rinse and i feel like a wet log. it’s like the high point of my day!

the bodylotion is normal. nothing outstanding because i only use it as a preshaving thing, so i’m not fit to make observations. but now i use it for postshaving for skin recovery before I use shower cream on it.

oh i read again about using permanent dyeing or bleach techniques to do my hair, and i’ve decided i think i’ll do a DIY job using inai instead as bud supplies henna powder that has added plants-only ingredients. (the hair cream also pakai henna but it has a bunch of chem-sounding stuff that i don’t bother to research the halal-ness.) or, I may bring hte powder and ask kak hani to do it at the salon because they have hte heating machine and i don’t have. i’m contemplating doing withotu the heating part. because las time my nenek buat, tak pakai heat pun, kan? i think the colour just don’t stay longer or is less intense or what lah.

but that is only when i have the moolah. 😦 see lah how. i’m not sure how much it cost to dye in salon but i think roughly the same. tapie i takot nak anur bleach lah. kalau pakai inai, rambut masih kira virgin!


ok fine, maybe as it’s not neutral and pure inai it’s not exactly virgin as it has all the plant extras that give the colour. but still at least its inai, nice and easy, and not bleach. i don’t ahve the guts to bleach and alter my melanin molecules or whatever.

i shuold probably do an overnight job of it. trying to plan how to do. must sleepearly or read book or what ah. mesti dah isyak dulu, lepas tu prepare the thing, prepare the rambut, pakai, wrap and then relek2. hm nak cuci muka dulu ke nanti? won’t it be hard to wash my face bending over the sink if i have a wrapped up inaied mess on my head? i’ll think about it.

then bangun, cuci, condition, then boleh solat. kene bangun awal ah. actually kalau lama2 pun nanti jadi segelap2 nye in the end no difference hahahaha


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