Posted by: the queen | June 30, 2009

woot surprising i could read all of kanako’s mail minus 2 kanji wahahaha

but i think she didn’t use many cheem kanji

at the most i had to ponder over seijigakumon

and she knows the ryokan, but i wanted to try the other ryokan

anyway chika-sensei offered to let me stay with her, but the problem is she stays in osaka and i would be based either in tokyo/kyushu. to travel 2hours by shinkansen to go to school sounds a chore. it is a chore. and shinkansen is not exactly ….i dunoe. it’s fast and …would there be rush hour and stuff? maybe i could just look after her house on the weekends, when she goes back to wherever it is her boyfriend/husbandtobe stays on shikoku, i think. kagawa? tokushima?

damn i need to look up which university to apply to but i am so bloody lazy. i think i decided to give my cousin a miss after all. i may try to fly back on a budget airline. plane tickets are cheaper and cheaper so let’s hope they stay that way. Or maybe someone would lend me money. wahahaha.

chika sensei offered me her name, her friends’ name, and her friend’s husband’s name to quote when i apply for my scholarships. hahahahahahahahaaaaa! we’re going to hang out in bugis on mon. suddenly i feel like her bff.

anyway, quite tired this afternoon but somehow I get back my energy in teh night. i must be a night person. i shall go on cleaning myr oom. today i tried to do the noticeboard. only to realise…i never bring scissors. i am full of fail.

and then i received a sado set from chika-sensei!!! woot!!!!! now i can do sado!!!!


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