Posted by: the queen | June 30, 2009


why do i always discover that I’mway behind application deadline? deadline for research scholarship under monbusho ends in THREE BLOODY DAYS

NO MAKE THAT 2 bloody days



i TRAWLED the entire world to look for alternatives, but I don’t findanything tha tpays as well as monbu (of course.). JASSo looks like they don’t pay school fees.

and i cannot pay school fees obviously. with my calculation, i’ll be done december 2011 in japan…still haven’t write thesis finish unless i finish in japan. even if i finish in Japan, apparently according to the LOA guidelines still must pay one sem fees what the bloody hell????

how now brown cow? thanks a lot dr lim! feel liek giving up and just go work in tourism

edit: hrrrrm. I kinda solved the situation. in my frist three sems, save up 500, leading to about 4500. then extend my MA until beyond the max. candidature. when i come back to submit, I have to pay the full fees forthe sem since i extended beyond the max candidature and NUS won’t pay my fees anymore. but 4500, the amount i saved up, can cover.

yesss!!! problem solved, sort of. now i have to stop being such a bimbo and remember to start applying about six months from now. I can use the time between now and then to decide where to go. so i have like an entire 2 years before i actually go, a bit less. i need to try clear my 4 mods in 3 sems. sounds like very slack, but i doubt so as I have to TA.

then when nadiah is already graduating, (and pam), i’ll just have left for Japan. and my commencement will be like 2013. na’im will already be married! maryam would have moved to punggol!!! my sister finishing bond!!!

and i’m only starting on my slow sad life in the tourism industry, volunteering and so on. in 2013. i’ll have good time to size up the market over thar, esp. my target market. hey, sounds like a nice concrete plan!! i’ll probably miss a lot of weddings. ALL OF YOU, GET MARRIED AFTER 2013! OH but that means i get to go kakak las wedding. yey

i need to review this plan with dr lim. she will surely come up with some way to make it shorter one, but i may convince her to do otherwise. i dont want to rush. i don’t mind paying the last sem beyond my candidature. i doubt it’ll be relaxed even with such a long extension anyway. given how gundu i am.and very blur some more all the time. wah, wait till chika-sensei hears this. she’ll belike oooomg March 2011??!!?!? hey, maybe she’ll be getting married around then and i can attend!


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