Posted by: the queen | July 1, 2009

i plan to cross post.

Greenpeace just went around investigating some of the biggest names and tried to put a label on how safe they are for use. They’ve three rankings red, amber green. green means they don’t use dangerous chemicals, or at a non-detectable level. amber is they’ve a concrete plan to phase use. red is they’re still using, or refuse to ‘fess up.

Companies that get red:

1. L’oreal – for all lines including maybelline. They refuse to give info too. also their perfumes in the lancome, ralph lauren line

2. Estee lauder – clinique

3. procter and gamble – all lines including head and shoulders, pantene, vidal sassoon, oil of olay, Hugo boss line

4. shiseido – someone once told us a horror story about using shiseido stuff

5. colgate palmolive

6. johnson and johnson – clean and clear

7. adidas

8. bvlgari

9. chanel, FCUK, LV, cartier, YSL, gaultier.

Bodyshop used to get red, but because they promised to phase out, they are upgraded to amber. some of their stuff is already green, such as lipstick.

sante and logona (supplied by bud) get green.

for sports brands, only ASICS get consistently green.

for air fresheners, ambi pur and glade get red.

samsung, sony, lg, and hitachi get amber. nokia and sony ericsson are amber also.

ikea mattresses are green.

david beckham’s instinct scored as most toxic perfume.

got some more also, the perfumes were just too many. i remember some tommy hilfiger that was under dunoe who is also red. i feel liek i just crash coursed perfumes and cosmetics.


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