Posted by: the queen | July 1, 2009


yey the gst credits thing have absolved me of my tommy hilfiger!!!!

let’s see. 120+50 = 170. that leaves me with 30. in my next paycheck, I get 260. keeping the 200, taking the 60 (something I try to keep to but always fail) i get 90. so my thingie stays the same. unfortunately i’ll have to dig into it some more for saturday’s lunch and shoes, but i’m tyring to keep it cheap (trying.). i, uh, i spent 22 at guardian because i’m desperately trying to redeem that bathtime set. but it feels like a futile attempt so i may give up. but at least i get to pump in 200 into my sad account and…tryyy not to touch it? but damn, I am going out on monday for study trip damnnnn! i have my 30 dollars…cukup tak?


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