Posted by: the queen | July 1, 2009

my latest foray – tea tree oil

well no, actually i’ve always used the tea tree mask. but very infrequently because masks are a bitch to wear. anyway trying to knock up my purchases to $20 so i could redeem stickers to claim that bath set, I thought of buying calamine lotion because nadiah once said that my bumps on my forehead don’t actually look like pimples. and she’s right – they’re like permanent bumps that never come to a head, never ooze, enver what, but they’re just there, like a permanent rash. and i was known to have rashes as a kid, a lot of it. so nadiah actually suggested trying calamine. but then i saw tea tree oil, the pure one. and i thoguht, hmm, why not? not just for the acne but who knows it might help the bumps, as it’s like a superdisinfectant or something, i can’t remember what exactly its properties are.

if nothing goes after this 10 ml bottle is gone i’ll try calamine lotion.

besides, it’s useful for mosquito bites also. ohh, and it has a menthol quality so THAT EXPLAINS WHY IT WORKS FOR HEADACHES! AAAAAH.


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