Posted by: the queen | July 3, 2009

why is it that

i felt so exhausted just now (and I always feel exhausted after a night out) but I reach home, I sit here, do the usual email check etc then i feel like I’m not tired anymore? I must really be a night owl.

I was just going to complain about how tired I was when I realised…I’m not tired anymore!

the makeup was interesting. I learnt a lot. you know, I love this weddingplanner business(though i just whined about it to my poor advisor.) and I like to be felt like I’m needed. I guess it must be some kind of …thing. I like responsibility and control blablabla. so when my cousin was like “what time are you going to be there” even though some time ago she was telling me that my sister was asking her what time does she want us to come and she was like, uh, come anytime lah, bukannya ada apa 2 pun untuk nak dibuat. but I guess because since I was there and I now know the mak andam I guess it makes sense that I should try to be there when the mak andam comes.

to answer that question, I’ll be there when I wake up. but that’s not a very good answer really as I wake up on average 11…hahahaha!

anyway i love colours and I’ve always had a certain taste for certain colours. my theme is class. I’m not very open to new colour combinations or trying to go wild and funky. I like timeless and classic combinations, like if you have an offwhite gown and offwhite tudung, I thought a richer, brown gold colour goes well because the shade is ever so slightly in that direction. while I am a bit on the colourblind side at time when it comes to red/green, i’m not a coordinator for santa or christmas so that works. otherwise, people have consulted me some times about colour coordination and I like to think that I have a good eye for colour.

THAT SAID – I dont’ seem to able to do it for myself. WHY???? once i wanted to wear this tudung-baju combi and both my sister and mother told me NO. huhhhh.

sigh. why why why.

but i love colour and i appreciate very much cmobinations or colour themes that are timeless and classic. i don’t like things like goth, or funky, or loud, or anything radical, like pink and blue. (you’ll see that in the hosues i design too. heh heh) I like warm earthy colours, or classic monotones, maybe rich colours and pastels of hte same colour root. in my colour theory, you can only have one commanding colour, like a focal point (in fact, in anything. dress, interior design, w/e) an everyting else should complement or bring out that brilliant colour. that’s my colour philosophy.

and why the hell am i tlaking about colour philosophy? i dunoe.

another thing that will probably bode me well as a future, real-to-boot wedding planner is my unhesitation to say that something looks less than perfect. and that’s another thing people treasure and need in me as well – to be frank. I have always been as frank as possible (and try to be nice about it) when people ask me – except for some weird reason, when it comes to my sister because i think sometimes we’re just on the wrong wavelength and my definition of nice isn’ hers, so i’ve learnt to accept taht and just shut up if idon’t want to raise hell.

any husband of mine better share my philosophy, or i won’t be able to live with him. if he’s less than satisfactory in terms of my style philosophy, he better be ready to change. if he ain’t into it, then no thanks. i like to be surrounded physically by styles and colours that make me happy – i can’t live with a person who will wear a singlet out – so compromise, baby. or rather, bow down to me. which is why i am so unfit to get married right now as I’m still quite selfish and bitchy and not willling to back down on these issues. (my cousin is, and i admire her for that.) ask me again if i’m forty maybe.

why do you think so many people ask me to accompany them go shopping??? 😀 and hte highest compliment i ever got was from Irma: “bagus eh pergi shopping dengan kau.” she liked that i could really look at an item and voice out what’s good or bad about it, and be completely frank about it.

i love to help people shop, probably because i love to shop myself but i don’t hve the money to shop as often as i want (you will gasp at this because it does seem like i shop too much. now you know how much of a sad shopaholic i really am) and i’ve often dreamed of becoming a personal shopper. nadiah likes my talents too. 😀 so does na’im. havne’t had anybody else ask me to shop wtih them yet but my other friends’ tastes are too loud for me. i am a damn helpful companion to have when shopping right nad? i’ve got a billion commetns to make about every single thing! i can point out exactly waht’s wrong with something, if there is.

but you gotta rem if our tastes don’t match then forget it, you’ll probably not agree with me a lot. i’d think pamela would disagree with me a lot. i personally think some of her tops are crazy. 😀 much too nice to say it because she seems to likethem. wahahaha! and i’m definitely not a fan of ruffles and lace. ah, another one who won’t match my taste – fadiah. i can’t help her shop as her taste is way too funky. if your philosophy is not timeless and classic, or elegant and simple, i can’t help you.

why the hell am i talking about this? i dunoe. i just feel like i’ve had a good accomplished day collecting experience for nadiah’s wedding in the future.


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