Posted by: the queen | July 4, 2009

oh and btw i haven’t had lunch. i thogut i was having lunch outside but i ended up not. and anyway, it was a good thing ish because i was feeling kinda crappy on account of it being the first day of my period and i would probably have been miserable trying to eat when i don’t feel like it. and i had planned to treat ash, for the shoes, but since it didn’t happen I get to save some bucks wahahahahahah i’m so cheap yes. i still ahven’t grilled her about jackie but i’m slowly losing interest ( i tend to do that. lose interest in people that I don’t get much contact of.) and i’ll reach a point of time that i probably won’t really care whether i find out or not. i had an energy bar tho’ and i must say – it’s great. it’s keeping me going for quite some time. later i’ll have a good ole yong tau fu or sth…yep. i can only do yong tau fu, everything else feels too heavy. veggie diet for me.

and i have to say, i think going out and walking kinda helped the cramp, like all the exercise. (kailing: i am so sorry for leading you around a wild goose chase around orchard. i hope the bus came soon and that you didn’t make your mom wait too long. dearie dearie me. i’m a horrible person *slitwrist*) when we go spa i make up the difference ok? (see. very cheapo. treat people also use voucher. wahahaha) anyway i told nadiah i didn’t want to go to the spa but as kailing has pointed out that it’s organic, i supose i’m going (and she wants to go so okay can lah) because actualy when i wanted to go to an organic spa i wanted to go to one that the entire establishment uses only organic stuff. but i guess it’ll take some time to find one and got ht ebloody voucher already. might as well use.

oya that time saw shuyu. she must have been surprised to see me and kailing. i mean, we NEVER even talked to each other in sec. school. i was about a gajillion times closer to shuyu than i was with kailing (she was in my chinese clique) but waha times change. now we are close friends enough that i actually lead her on wild goose chases.

and she chooses me to go to her commencement in case her dada doesn’t go. *preens* i’m so honorued to be asked to attend someone’s commencement. i mean, tix are limited and hard to come by.



  1. Yeah.

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