Posted by: the queen | July 4, 2009

youknow, i don’t think he faked his death, just as a personal opinion. so when he really is buried and gone and doesn’t come back in 50 yaers, HAH!

I decided to invest (in the far future. when i have the thing called a salary) in battery op candles, to brighten up my display shelf that is so bloody dark. i’m going to first line it with really nice wallpaper (no leftovers for me. again, when i have budget) and put candles to brighten up. i will store my art stuff and maybe files, because the width of the shelf very long. tak sesuai untuk buku. maybe, maybe, tarok bags.  i used to hang my bags or put htem on chairs tapi hanging berabok. on chairs of course maknanya i cannot sit on the chair (and other people also.) so ya. i don’t want ot put my bags in a berabok spot.

right now i am jus tgoin tthrough allt hose cupboards yang dah bertahun tak dibukak and throwing away everything. the art cupboard i dah habis. i left the horrible cupboard above, and below (ndp stuff, old bags and pillows.) i sayang tu buang my CLEO magazines but i suppose they must go. stil not throwing away the unred TIME mags. and newsweek. gen knowledge is always useful to havethrough this. cheap reading substitute forthos broke and bored days.

robok aku pun tgh half2 kemas. I’m goin to have to clean out all the shit in my wardrobe – the shoeboxes, the bags lah wahtlah…the clothes i don’t want and never wear must go. then i will have space to put the cloethes i actually wear. i will spare no mercy – even yang aku tak pernah pakai dalam hidop if i know i tak pakai, they gotta go. kasik orang. sorry but my room is really too small to keep everything. my wardrobe out of hte 3 bedrooms, paling kecik skali (our closets are all built in) so i really need to be stingy. drawers dah beres. then my soft toy nye rumah can stay my soft toy nye rumah – i will throw away all the play doh yang dah tak main lagi dan tak akan main lagi. i want to remake my soft toy house into a real house, with a good material to cover it up yang senang dibersihkan.

grey cabinets, sumer penuh dengan sampah. tu boleh tarok…..tak tau ah. too icky to think about it. maybe more books. psl i know my glass fronted cabinets on my desk, i am going to tarok all my storybooks. so maybe my academic stuff i tarok at the grey cabinet one. kalau slalu bukak tak berabok sangat.

drawers yang paling bawah tu dah half way clean out. the rest also sort of. wah, i may actually be able to do this if i keep at it! hari2 buat sikit..nyari i finished up the art cupboard. tmr. i will try to steel myself for hte horrible NDP crap cupboard kat bawah tu. tu boleh tarok hmm more files and stuff, or old magazines.

kerus gantong baju ni aku tak tau. i prefer not to have it because it’s so cepat kolek habok but i do need a space to puyt things like sluar nak pakai balik etc. nanti ah pikir. maybe beli furniture baru. i wanted to finish my room befor eMA but seeing asi won’t have the money to do my room the way i want then, i will concentrate on throwing away the rubbish i haven’t touched for decades aso that when i do have the oney, i’ll be ready to invest in these new decorating options.

i thought of taroking a simple bedside meja yang low height sikit in place of this horrible chair where i can display my numerous face crap, the toiletries and shit i need everyday so macam senang nak hamek. normally i korek macam nak mampos in my vanity drawer cos i have so much shit falling all over the place. but it’s a sun prone place so i kene pikir balik. some of my things takleh kene sunlight.

i’d also like to have a better stool to put my laptop on, altho’ actually thisstool is ok. cuma…tak lawa ah.

i refuse to think that my room wil remain this ugly. i can makeover it!!! (ni dah tgk banyak sangat interior design shows.)



  1. Why don’t you get decals instead??? It’s cheaper and you can change it as often as you want.

  2. what are decals.

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