Posted by: the queen | July 4, 2009

i need professional help

urh ok so i went out with the attention to meet ash to get court shoes. somehow it turned into a shopping spree (again.)

i went to get my stuff at bud’s, decided to buy toner because if i run out of toner (which i most certainly will in a few days) i have no backup. i have backup cleanser so that’s fine. 88.80 for mask, moisturizer and toner at 20-30 bucks a piece (so i saved some money over thar as compared to if i had decided to stick to skII.)

i bought my shoes, which when i think about it , probably wasn’t a good idea. it’s actually a tad higher than what i’m used to. about 3 inches maybe. i do 2.5 inches last time when i wore heels daily. and recently only about 1 or 1.5 inches or so. but i was sick of wearing my mary janes to school because they are actually, a tad too small for my feet (i would have done much better to get 5 but they had no size, and i simply had to own them and my mom said beli kecik bagus nanti dah besar die longgar. well she was wrong), and my selipars yang fancy tu kasik blisters at my toe because of the kain material. so this one while high is the most comfortable rest-of-the-feet wise. but relex. I am not going to wear them day in and day out. i’m going to wear flipflops when i have no class/not teaching. but at leat now i have sth to wear out of the office.

contemplating wearing those shoes on monday, but i think not. I was going to wear ash’s court shoes to tunang tmr because they are so gorgeous but on second thought 1. they’re not that high, i can walk ok in them 2. they’re actually every so slightly tight when i stand in them. so i think i’ll give it a pass. besides, i can’t bear to think of hte shoes being trampled upon tmr as loads of guests come. always when i go to her house, my shoe ends up getting steppedon by some thing or someone. so i will give those new heels a try and see how long i can last in them. ooh, my mother will massacre me.

plus – and this is the shocker – with the new handbag i will be sporting she will really, really massacre me. :(((( but i had toooo. i’ve not owned a handbag in my lifespan in which i cared enoguh to wish i had a handbag but refused to buy one because i hate kepit ketiak bags an di refuse to get a handbag i have to kepit under my armpits. i know topshop sells the bigger handbags-handbags (not those ridiculously tiny purses that aren’t supposed ot keep anything but your phone and wallet or something. dude, evne my wallet cannot fit in that. it’s ass huge.) but the last time i went with fadiah (she likes topshop. me, i find it a tad too young for me. but hte men’s stuff are ok. i’d make my boyfriend/husband buy clothes from there. i think my shopping is a lot like a late twenties-early thirties preference, rather than the funky early twenties style, following trends, bright colours etc.) they were real ugly, like PINK, or gold, or whtaever.

this time i saw a timeless black piece that actually looks not worthy of its price tag (i’m still keeping mum) but when i thought about it, i kinda don’t like carrying bags that look new. i always feel self conscious when i carry a new looking bag. i prefer something that looks like i’ve had it about a million years. (i should shop vintage. but i don’t like buying stuff peopel have used.) so i kinda liked that it looked like i’v ehad it for years. and it’s not shiny. granted the strap is a bit funky, but if it had been plain black it would have had no pizzazz. and it kinda reminded me off the good ol’ nineties , ofwhich i was a child of. the only thing is that its insides smells like a fish died in there (kailing will testify to this.) but I’ve put a tea bag hoping that that’ll cure it. (why oh why did i chuck my salvatore ferragamo perfume away!!!!!!!! becaus ei thought i’d never wear it, that’s why. WHYWHYWHY. always this happens to me.)

tmr i will nick sth of kakak las’s to spray inside. wahahahaha. i may be a shopaholic, but i’m also incredibly cheap. or i can be.

sittingon the bus, i’m thinking…now my bags all cost upwards of 50. significantly upwards. on the bright side, i’ll never have a purpose to shop for a bag again. i have a big bag for everyday work/school. i have a handbag for those occasions that i can only have my essentials. i have a going out bag or also can be used for versatile occasions – if i needed a huger tote bag i could just shorten the strap and it would look more formal in a jiffy. for now, it will remain long strapped. i love that bag’s adaptability. of all my bags i think i regret the grey bag hte most as it’s actually quite heavy but i imagine i can handle it well, as i have a knack for knowing howt o pack light( i’m just lazy and will leave my stuff in my desk in school.)

I will get a desk right? i’m planning to put a mug, nice flipflops for trudging to the toilet and maybe lunch if i think none of my students will see me, and pictures of my family. maybe a harry potter book or 2 to destress in those stressed times. but i won’t be there long.  i’ll be in school at the most for two weeks before i’m off, if i get accepted. (i kinda wish i wasn’t. i wanted to be in school for a bit longer. how would they assign me classes? i wouldn’t be able to teach – maybe i won’t,for the next semester. hmm. that might be cool -ish.

hmm. the more i think about it those heels were kinda hiiigh. they’re not manolo blahniks, but they’re one of hte highest heels i’ve ever owned.

but i must sa, the heel is stable for a stiletto. yes, they are stilettos – no wait, a bit wider than that. kitty heel but a tall one, with broad base rather than narrow straihgt down (those are stilts, if you ask me.)

oh yeah. wher was i. anyway yah. those are my “accomplishments. kailing spent $125 on fancl stuff… i spent 88.80 on my face stuff (all running out ok. and i tgk2 my stores an di think i can last without making a trip to bud’s for a bout a month or so. yes!) 45 on the shoes( once again, thank god for sale. five dollar less still count) and …fine, 79 for the bag.



NADIAH MAY OR MAY NOT KILL ME. i think she’ll be like nasib baik kite dah pegi holiday….


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