Posted by: the queen | July 4, 2009


i will be spending ramadhan and hari raya by my lonesome in japan.

which is actualy kind of make sense ah given my sad research title. it’ll be very interesting to observe the muslim community in japan in this period. how o make that into an interesting research project?

Ya Allah kasik lah aku …uh…kawan nak spend hari raya with..Amin. kalau aku tepon mak aku mesti nanges nye. i’ll call everyone again or webcast…tapie saper bawak laptop siolz gi raya…cume kat rumah mak long aje ade.

and again, melepas can nak kasik duit raya. i’ve been looking forward to that for AGESSSSSS. maybe people will send me money overseas WAHAHAHAHAH OKAY AH KAWAN2KU YANG DAH BEKERJA…BANK ACCOUNT AKU SABAR MENANTI

ckp mcm dapat je. i should diam2 about this fact.kang mak aku bising mesti tak kasik pegi nye.


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