Posted by: the queen | July 5, 2009

tired. given that my cousin’s bedroom is on the third floor (the house is three storeys) andi’ve had to run up and down the flight of stairs a gabajillion times, carry crying babies etc, i am exhausted.

and now i’m really feeling the pinch. people screaming for you on all sides. sorang mintak bungkus sorang mintak amek gambar sorang mintak etc. let me stress (some people don’t get it) that you shuold NEVER ask the organizer/planner to amek gambar. we will NEVER have the time.

so i will just take lousy ones where i can sparethe time, until my next task.

good that i have watched kak nana eh nama dia anur maryam. so i know how to arrange the bloody veilwahhahah

but i had a lot of fun especially with my belovedbabies syaza and raiyn. more so syaza who still seems to like me.


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