Posted by: the queen | July 6, 2009

great, wonderful, excellent.

i’m feeling feverish, i have a headache (but it’s a bit better since i’ve been washing my face and cooling it off, i HAD diarrhoea yesterday, I am feeling chills – not sneezing coughing tho’. so i’m not yet spreading anything to anyone.

Just so excellent. right before my commencement. But anyway, my plan is this: if in the morning i feel unwell, off to the doctor i go. oh and i need to check temp. if the doctor recommends that I should stay home (which he probably will, I think..) then I’ll probably not go to my commencement. Yes, I know i bought the gown, but it’s no biggie as 1) the gown makes me look like a penguin 2) I would HATE anybody who was ill to be at the commencement and infect a billion other people including me. I won’t do something that I will not appreciate other people doing, even if it means I’ll never get to walk the famous walk. which is really a walk of pain and humiliation which I could do without facing given i dont’ think these calves could stand another day in heels.

woot haven’t done a pore pack in years and recently i was feeling my nose and it felt a bit rough, so I decided to do one. lucky i got so many left over from years when i wore pore packs religiously. such a reward to see all those whiteheads uprooted!



  1. Sorry for being able to be there to witness you doing the famous walk. I hope I won’t trip when I do it this Sunday. (Although it means becoming the highlight of the event and everyone will remember me.)

    • omg apparently now the blog approves your comments automatically!!!!!! it is a smartblog

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