Posted by: the queen | July 7, 2009

well that’s it then

i am officially a Graduate Student!

Well…I need to register on the 29th and then I will officially be a Graduate Student but I ain’t an undergrad no more. Scary.

no major upsets. I didn’t shake the hand of hte guy. I asked someone backstage or side stage, in the waiting area, what to do if I don’t want to shake. She was like yah, just take the scroll. so I clasped my hands to my front because swinging them at my sides made me feel too baboonistic. Then I held out both my hands, cos i THINK that’s what I saw one of the girls do (I was stoning a bit). Everyone else shook hands. Only us two (if I really did see her not shake his hand) didn’t shake. To his credit he didn’t stick out his hand too far so it wasn’t too bad from the camera angle. But I felt a bit sad for him – he must not be used to the whole Muslim girls not shaking hands and after it’s confusing because some of us choose not to and some of us do it. He was kind of half heartedly holding his hand out but after about a second of him doing that and me holding both my hands out, I just kinda took the scroll so he let go (of course he had to. hahahah!) Good thing is you’re really far up front so nobody could see except the people onstage and i doubt anybody was watching except dr lim and dr meyer ohle. probably anybody who watched thought i forgot to shake the hand out of nervousness or something. But I guess what comforts you is that you’re just one lousy student out of a billion so it’s fine. it was sooo embarrassing because eddit and kaleung in front of me had like reams of awards and my name was so botak after them. dammit! why must i be directly behind them!

but i suppose after me, everyone else got the politely quiet applause as well as we couldn’t clap for each other.

i mean, i just really wanted it over and done with. it’s not singapore bleeding idol, for god’s sake. I was already looking stupid in the robe, I may as well go all the way and muck up a few more things.

and there were lots of great things. like seeing all my mates again. I’ll never see them again after this. eddie is a laugh as usual – whoever his girlfriend is, that is a lucky lady – and we couldn’t stop giggling at the national anthem. I can’t help it. eddie’s voice is so soppy that i just have to burst out giggling everytime he sings it. total disrespect for the anthem much.

i finally meet weizhong – dead ringer for thiam huat. i was the only girl with second upper so I was trapped in the sea of guys.  I think weizhong also got second upper…i’m not sure. it could just be me andeddie.

i didn’t take pictures a lot – i had one with ainun on ainun’s cam, took a pic with my dept, my parents, nurul whom i ran into. i took pics wiht the girls as well, maly, shad and hafie who insisted. chun yin wanted to, but i was feeling quite dizzy (still am having a headache) so I didn’t watnt o wait around any longer. (plus, it’s CSI night.) so i upped and left before I fainted in my horrible heavy robe.

the tommy hilfiger is ok, kinda hot-ish like most shirts are (if white shirts are thin enoguh to be cool, they’re too transparent.) but lovely in terms of length and size and everything. i likes it. my sister was asking me where’d you buy it so i just said “shop.” no way am i saying it’s a tommy hilfiger shirt. but if she asks to borrow it i’ll have to ask her if she’s willing to recompensate me 120 bucks if anything happens to the shirt. that shirt is one of my most precious belongings now, along with….my laptop, my babies, my cardigan. i’d die if i lost my cardigan – it’s almost 3 digits. and my bags.

oh they don’t do the tassel thing anymore. my sister told me they used to switch it from one side to the other side, like to signify you becoming a graduate. but nyah we just really wanted it to end fast. we were all hungry and thirsty, eddie wanted to pee so we were groaning our way through the shit. at the last name, we all cheered like mad. it was loads fun!

they stood up for the second valedictorian, who’s chun yin’s friend, but when i asked eddie if we should stand up as well he demurred, so we remained sitting down.

oh man. I really will miss eddie – he’s great. I’ll miss k aleung, who paid me a very high compliment – my HT was difficult to do. ka leung, our golden boy first class tells me that. huijun and adelia and our bitchfests after pol econ. and adeline.ainun my “good friend” – poji once told me that ainun told him a lot about me and that i’m her closest friend in NUS. I’ll miss them – we had good times. I didn’t think I’d make any friends in JS, but I made a lot, some very close, some okay2, some casuals, but we had loads of fun. Now I’m still in this bloody place, and it’ll be different. there’ll be thiam huat and shumin (who graduated today with their MAs.), but they may be gone doing hteir ph d somewhere else (but they don’t seem to be getting a move on. come on!if you guys leave i’ll be more likely to get an office, rather than be relegated to the graduate students’ room.) there’s letitia, who i can’t stand her name because it’s a bit vulgar, and carol, who shares dr hislop with me but i think she’s going off soon. then there’s allt he whole gaggle of grad students from overseas like tanimura and the other japanese guy and god knows who else. i’ll be a real loner. i can’t see myself having any friends or even making any. i’ll stick to my nadiah and pam, who’ll be doing her 2 years. ash is gone in another year, but i don’t htink i’ll see much of her as well. i may be seeing a lot of the buyo girls but i really am not planning to because i want to retire.

oh my friendless future. can’t i have a break???? but no, i need to teach for the rest of hte week. i cancelled today because i was feeling really lethargic and tired and i didn’t fancy rushing around. i’m glad i didn’t, given as i felt quite horrible towards the end of the ceremony. my temp was on 36.6 tho’. still as i was telling chika, i could use a break and isolation – but even then they send some h1n1 patients home for self quarantine, especially if they’re healthy people loike me with no complications. (but at least i’d be free from the kids. hey, maybe they might be so afraid of havin gme round that htey’ll sack me.) ok my miagination’s running wild. i’m a huge hypochondriac but every time i’m wrong. it’s probably good ol’ weather-sensitive thing going on.

didn’t touch applications today. i’m gonna call it quits and sleep with the john grisham novel my sis loaned me.


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