Posted by: the queen | July 8, 2009

now wording yet another begging letter, this time to prof sakurai keiko from waseda. 😦 she sounds bloody busy if you ask me. I’ll ask her, since she wrote the book i bought, then keiko saKAi (talk about ! similar names) but if you ask me her research is about the other side of hte world. But I want Dr. Penn! *sulk* I’m doing this under dr lim’s orders. she thinks there’s not much reason to get dr. penn because he isn’t teaching it.

so this is the life of an MA student, running around begging for advisors. But it’s pretty damn cool writing “I am a graduate student” wahahahah I still can’t believe it. Me, lousy ol’ zahzah, doing her Masters! I mean, everybody has a degree, no biggie. it’s almost expected of you. But MA! nyehnyehnyeh okshutup. ugh i’m so bored somebody do this for me. it’s already 1230 too. but i want to try and send this email asap. cos i need to give her time to email me back. if she ever does. if she doesn’t tmr, i ‘l ltry sakai, then 2 more days i’ll go back to penn. i will email penn anyway to tell him that i’ve been forced to dump him (if i end up doing it) but i’d still like to consult him and am planning to.

i’d do it sooner, but i dont want to spam him with emails. let’s just try to settle thigns asap and email him at one go.


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