Posted by: the queen | July 9, 2009

Just finished John Grisham’s The Appeal. Excellent book that resounds of the disappointment that the U.S. so-called democracy and legal system is.

I’ve already decried the ridiculosity of charging a mother for leaving her kids at the mall, and letting guns run amok. If guns didn’t run amok, maybe it wouldn’t have mattered that she left her kids at the mall, you bloody idiots.

Oh, someone reviewing the book said she was “disappointed” with teh book’s profanity. Eh, I’m quite sure John Grisham’s most profane word was ‘crap’ in this book. And I barely skimmed this book, I even reread some paragraphs and sentences twice. No ‘shit’, maybe a damn but that’s not a swear word so it barely registers, and definitely no fs. I’m pretty sure he had a shit flying around in one of his other books (and i’ve read all, ending with the street lawyer, stopping with the painted house.) what profanity woman? don’t want to read a profanity, read the bible.

I like the book’s slant. Where issues that don’t concern you becomes a cover to win races. If you ask me I’d vote (and I wouldn’t vote, except here because PAP buys my votes and I won’t try to hide it) for someone who would respect other people. Not people who would mudsling and accuse other people of being liberals or whatever. While I am against homosexualism in its rampant ferocity, as I leave them and their views alone and let them be judged by God or whoever, I expect them to leave me alone. Whoever’s trying to force a view on the other – whether its the dumb fuck Perez Hilton on a pornographic suddenly-turned-moral beauty queen, or John McCain telling Ellen that she shouldn’t be a legal lesbian, you’re both doing exactly the same thing. there’s nobody better than the other, even if you believe you’re on the right side of God and the law and whatever, if you walk around forcing those people to conform to your views, you’re doing exactly the same thing they’re doing – forcing all of us to be liberal. Americans clearly prove themselves to be unable to respect each other’s opinion, and have an unhealthy obsession to categorize – even when it’s not welcome.

I watch their downfall with bemused eyes. They have it coming. We have it coming. Ruin the world and you will get burned along with it, that’s just how it works. If you’re in the house and you set fire to the house, you’ll die inside. Common sense. After all, who created this incredibly beautiful common sense?


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