Posted by: the queen | July 9, 2009

writing my reseach content, purposes, significance…i can’t believe thiiiiiiiiis. everything i write sounds brilliant one minute, bullshit the next, and vice versa. This is soooooooooooooooooooooo annoyingggggggggggggg. i wish i could pay someone to do this for me, but no, a life of academia is like this. which is why I don’t intend to do this for keeps, no baby.

it’s no wonder i hate writing so much! writing papers that is. everything sounds weird. but i gotta get it all out first before I can start fixing it. sigh. I am in no fit state to write, given that I’ve not done any resaerch on my shit yet. but i’llt ry to cook up something so that at least i’ll ahve someting, and in the coming days try to solid it up with research if there’s time. yep. after all it’s definitely not hte end of hte world i fi odn’t get this tho’ i ‘ll have to worry about how to do resaerch and who will sponsor me if i don’t.


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