Posted by: the queen | July 9, 2009

SHIT. i was just bringing my schedule book up to date and i realised i’ll be gone during the PSLE crunch time!

I have options. I could ask to leave on the 27th of THIS MONTH which if you ask me is frankly not possible. much as i love my kids, I am being paid 1.5K to write a decent thesis. (whether it turns out decent is another matter. i have to at least look like i’m trying.) they’ll have to survive sept-oct without me. That’s a good 5-6 weeks of self preparation. who could I get to help me with these kids????

fadhil is easily stressed – strike. maly – teaching – strike. na’im – stress – strike. (money is not good enough anyway.) the difficult part is I WORK SO CHEAP. nobody would replace me!!!!


who could i ask to do this favour? who’s lounging around doing nothing and maybe needing a few bucks? my cousins? liyana is making 3k, she won’t do this. ira?what’s hse doing? haziq? hah! i’ll be butchered. oh god oh god oh god.

i’ll have to wait and see what japan foundation’s verdict is. I’m so sorry but, this is what you have to deal with when you get a cheaply paid MA student to work for you. she flies off to another country. I think at the least i could beg nadiah to do fadlin, even at a reduced no. of times. at least tengok2 kan lah. jed i may have to abandon. oh, the poor boy. not that i was much use anyway. he’s plenty smart but they’re just using hte wrong methods on him. for him, driling won’t work. he’ll make the same mistakes over and over again.

and what about this new kid? ok he’s not a crucial kid, so nehmind. I’ll just have to beg and i’ll pay nadiah to help me just those few weeks before psle. she’s at least had experience and she knows where the place is. Jed he’ll have to ask his brothers. at least adik beradik dia boleh diharap. my real worry is fadlin really. she’s realy, realy bright actually, if she puts her mind to it, even if kadang2 dia malas nak pikir. i’d hate to see her psle go to waste. at least i can tell nadiah she can relex a bit on fadlun, just try to keep her up on english.

wah. nadiah. i’m gonna need a huge favour from her man. but i’ll just keep it quiet until I submit the damn application. i won’t be seeing her anyway. this thing needs to be told in person.


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